October 14th, 2004

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Vent of an editor

At the outset of my professional fiction editing career, Storm said something to me along the lines of the work gradually making it more difficult to enjoy reading. Well, I definitely can now attest to this, as recently there have been several books which I've found difficult to read and enjoy simply because they have such poor editing.

Sometimes the mistakes are minor, like missing comma here and there or inconsitency use of hypens, but often it seems any book with more than two mistakes probably has like 50 or a 100! It's very irritating to me to read a book and find things like:

  • Missing commas
  • Incorrect use of commas
  • Inconsistent word use
  • Inconsistent or incorrect use of hypenated words or phrases
  • Incorrect use of colons
  • Improper capitization
  • Failure to put names of movies, novels, etc., in italics
  • Improper punctuation of quotations or quotes within quotes
  • Improper use of adverbs
  • Incorrect tenses
  • And many more!

I don't think I'm what some call a Grammar Nazi. I'm not one of those people who a "strict grammarians" who insist on using "whom" or enforcement of arcane, outdated grammar that has been disproven. I think it's OK if grammar rules are broken for effect or as a matter of style. But I do NOT agree with stuff being wrong just because somebody was lazy or just doesn't know basic, BASIC rules! When I find this sort of thing, I just want to scream -- and re-edit the damn book!
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Ganked from everybody... the "obscure" meme

Name a CD you own that no-one else on your friends list does.
Russian Romantic Songs by Yulya. This is a really lovely album; got it disc unheard from the Intenrational section at Tower.

Name a book you own that no-one else on your friends list does
German for the American Soldier, a 30-page pocket guide for American "Doughboys" in WWI, offering German instruction supposed to allow them to interrogate German POWs and decypher traitorous talk among prisoners.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else on your friends list does
Bill & Coo, totally bizarre late 1940s hour-long "drama" starring... lovebirds! Like, REAL lovebirds! This was a gift from my sister Nancy.

Name a place that you have visited that no-one else on your friends list has
This is hard since people on my list are all over, but I'll take a stab at this and say Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. It's right smack in the Canadian Rockies. Went there (and several neighboring parks) with my parents for a 3-week camping vacation in the late 80s.
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This does not surprise me in the least:

Study: One in 100 adults asexual

I think I am asexual like 50% of the time and the other half I am non-practicing bisexual, LOL. In other words, I just can't be bothered.

On a related note, maybe I can market my next novel (set in an asexual society) to this asexual population? I could champion asexual literature! He he...

Obviously that black cherry juice I had with my lunch is getting to me...
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Food for thought...

From AlterNet:

Ashcroft disappears during election season
Funny who you don't see during the heat of election season. Attorney General John Ashcroft, for example, seems to be on an extended vacation. Justice Department policy is to stay clear of overtly political events, but even Ashcroft's name seems to be banned lately by Republican politicians.

According to Kathleen Hall Jamierson of Annenenberg Pubic Policy Center, "Ashcroft isn't popular. Ashcroft scares moderate Republican women. Bush makes them feel secure, and Republicans don't want to remind them of the argument that he's made them feel secure at the cost of civil liberties."


I wonder what that guy does for fun.
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RNC = $154 million

This NY Times article on the total expense of the Republican National Convention is INCREDIBLE!

The most noteworthy bit to me is:
Top donors to the convention included Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who was the largest single giver, donating $5 million in cash and also paying for $2 million in legal and accounting services...

Gee, no WONDER the mayor set himself against all those protestors -- didn't want them interfering with the event he was SPONSORING! Is it me, or does that ring unethnical?

Meanwhile, I'm not saying the Republicans spend more than the Democrats. I have no clue on this. In both cases, the conventions have just become giant BEASTS really, haven't them?
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Georgia on my...

On the way home from work, I passed by the Kappa Alpha frathouse at Ga. Tech and was sturck by the combo of 3 very "Georgia" (esp. University System of Georgia) things:

  1. Frat house, built about 2 years ago, is designed to look like a plantation "big house," white columns and all.
  2. Frat boy is practicing golf, hitting balls against the front of the house.
  3. Bush/Cheney sign planted in front lawn.
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