October 15th, 2004

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Night disappeared! Plus travel plans

Yikes! I just had one of those night where you think you're going to be free to do "whatever" and it all disappears in a blur, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Got home at 6:40 and immediately got on computer b/c Caleb needed a file to be online for a client meeting at 7. Got off computer, had soup, watched some TV, and settled down to do bottle art work. Started on Caleb's eclair-themed bottle, then started sorting through my collage materials.

I was making progress when the phone ran, at around 8:30 I guess.

Caleb was calling so we could arrange our trip to Germany over New Year's. We started that on the phone, then on IM... and then Storm came online and I was chatting with her too, lots of fun talk... then my mom called while I was chatting with Caleb and Storm... then I kept chatting and Bruce came online. Said night to STorm finally since she's about to go to Ireland, and then Caleb and I were haggling over airline stuff for ages, before finally we agreed on things and then Lufthansa's online reservation ticket wouldn't work. Gah! We'll finish tomorrow.

Meanwhile I went and got my tickets to Boston. Looks like I'm going to Boston Dec. 21-26 to see my family for Christmas. Then from the 27th through Jan. 6, I'll be in Germany. From the 28th-1st I'll be at the Wraeththu LARP thing in Bilstein (Caleb will join me on the 30th), and after that we'll be two days in Dortmund with Marja, then we'll do Cologne for 2 days (staying in the very nice Hotel Lint!) and finally spend a day in Frankfurt, then flight back.

And meanwhile Bruce and I joked about his stalker, piles of hair, art, conventions...

And it was suddenly midnight! Ack!
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Another trip!

So I now have my tickets for Germany! I'll be going right after Christmas and will be over through the 6th of January. For about four days of it will be at the Seven Sins LARP, hopefully enjoying the eye candy provided by the Wraeththu contingent, plus generally hanging out with Storm and Jim, who'll be there as well. Caleb's arriving about half-way through so he'll be there for New Year's. The event wraps up on the 1st, at which point Caleb and I will head off with Marja & Ellie to Dortmund, where we'll stay a couple of days, before going to Cologne and finally, on departure, Frankfurt.

rebness commented on my post last night that I probably go to Europe more than see does. Well, for the record, my trips include:

Germany, July & August 1992
England, July 1998
Germany, September 2002
England, May 2003
England, October 2003
Germany, December 2003
England, July 2004

Germany, December 2004
England, February 2005

I just kind of rotate between England and Germany. Caleb and I really ought to expand our repetoire, but we really like those places and our friends there. We've talked about going to Spain and I'm all for it, and we'd also like to see Italy and I want to go to Vienna, but it just hasn't happened yet.
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Whoah. CNN.com, infamous for its often stupid homepage headline graphics, has at the moment a picture from Iraq that's a lot more hard-hitting than a shot of a rocket or Bush/Kerry with Saddam in the background:

A nurse assists Michael Fitzpatrick, who was wounded in a Green Zone bombing.

That makes me cringe, not just in a political way but in a reaction to human suffering type of way.

Especially after watching a show on Discovery Health last night with a guy who'd be caught in a fire (in his dorm room, not the war) and had burns on 30% of his body. Doctors were doing everything they could to help his skin recover enough so he could get out to his college graduation. This kid had to be incredibly uncomfortable and in pain, but was being entirely stoic about it because he was determined to make it.
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Nader Emerging as the Threat Democrats Feared
NY Times

With less than three weeks before the election, Ralph Nader is emerging as just the threat that Democrats feared, with a potential to tip the balance in up to nine states where President Bush and Senator John Kerry are running neck and neck.

Despite a concerted effort by Democrats to derail his independent candidacy, as well as his being struck off the Pennsylvania ballot on Wednesday, Mr. Nader will be on the ballots in more than 30 states.

Polls show that he could influence the outcomes in nine by drawing support from Mr. Kerry. They are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

Moreover, six - Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Wisconsin - were among the top 20 where Mr. Nader drew his strongest support in 2000. If the vote for Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry is as evenly divided as the polls suggest, the electoral votes in any one of those states could determine who becomes president...

Aw, crud! On the one hand, I want to support the idea of third, fourth, fifth and other parties, but on the other hand, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't, if it means Dubya wins! Ugh! Bad enough the first time, but a second time?
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Sea of words

Out of curiosity, I just ran a wordcount on this big MS I've just started editing. 136,000 words -- longer than the one I just finished by a long shot! Good thing I really, really enjoy the work!

I am thinking the reasonable thing to do would be to go through a chapter a night. But when I have I ever been reasonable? LOL.

I did 2 chapters yesterday and another just now. Plus a did a preliminary spellcheck on the whole thing.

This is going to be quite a project.
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Alumnal Thoughts

I just got a call from UMass asking for money, which as always I actually enjoyed because I know they need the money and the callers are always really nice.

Today I actually got into a 10-minute long chat with the girl who called me. She's a senior Philosophy major and as you'd expect, pretty unsure what she's going to do with herself. She's doing the paperwork for grad school right now. We talked about the job market out there, how many undergrads are going straight to grad school just because right now going into the job market is like jumping into an ocean full of sharks. We also talked about how college students seem to be taking the whole college thing a lot more seriously at the moment because C's and slackerhood are not going to get you anywhere today, when things are so competitive. Then we were talking about improvements the school's been able to make but how apparently Bartlett (home to majors like English, Anthropology, Sociology, etc.) is falling apart. Ah, well, nothing's changed there.

Per usual, I gave some money straight to College of Humanities and Fine Arts because not like Dow Chemical or some big corporation gives them grants or anybody else cares.
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Teaspoon of Activism

My friend & client Tom Haney has just had me add a new page to his web site:

We're not in Lake Wobegon anymore
by Garrison Keillor

Even though, personally, Keillor sets my teeth on edge (even his daily literary spot on NPR irks me) I appreciate the gesture Tom made in helping to spread this particular message.
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What is it, "Send Wendy Excessive Amounts of Email Day"? Every time I blink an eye, more arrives, and I don't mean spam, I mean client requests and basically tasks for me to do, emails to reply to. Meine Gute! Meanwhile it's a miracle I've managed to do ANYTHING this afternoon given the onslaught.
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