October 16th, 2004

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I just spent my Friday night painting bottles.
It was fun.
And FYI, I did not swallow any paint this time.
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Funny, I never thought I'd use my minor this way...

Boy, my German got warmed up today translating those Wraeththu LARP news releases into English, and now it's really revved up after 45 minutes of reading through a German-language bulletin board of all sorts of people bitching and moaning at the existing of the Wraeththu LARP. Interestingly (please note, gabby2600) that the same sort of intolerence, narrow-mindedness and territorialism that erupted against the Wraeththu RPG crops up in the discussions. It's all people saying "Who do they think they are?" and "Why do we need a new race?" and "These guys are all gay!" etc.

*shakes head at retarded gamers*
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The poetry meme

Everybody's doing it and I enjoy poetry so...

When you see this post, post a poem -- either one of your own or I guess somebody else's

the difference
by wendy darling

sometimes i ask:

what is the difference
between being dead
and being at this job?

it is a slight distinction.

i can see out the window
i can take phone calls
i can send email
i can receive email
on several accounts

i can surf the internet
i can write html code
i can make graphics
i can ftp
i can edit government prose

i can mark my tasks
in my computer calendar

i can store my files
on my hard drive

i can arrange my desk
every day

as if it makes a difference.

while in the coffin
i can rest
i can have peace and quiet
i can think to myself,
it is awfully quiet here.

too quiet.

the big differences
in being here

here i have light
and my neighbors are living
and occasionally talk with me

and i am alive
of course

just barely.
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I feel yucky. I woke up fine and was fine up through the morning, when I had a great long morning coffee & chat with my neighborhood Dorthey. Afterward I went home and I don't recall feeling weird then either, but around 1:30 when I headed over to the market for vegies, I suddenly didn't feel so good. It's hard to say what it is, but the feeling was that I was missing something. My head wasn't headachey, but kind of cramped or something, and I felt sort of dizzy and hungry even though I shouldn't have been. At the market I got $30 worth of produce and hauled it home. I thought once I got home and at some fruit it'd fix things, but it really hasn't. I now have that stupid helpless hopeless feeling that is NOT helping me pick up the living room. I just wanna lie down and watch TV. Maybe I should go to CVS though and get some PowerAde in case I'm about to get sick. Blah.

P.S. Happy to see ccoyle has made it safe to the U.S. Welcome home, Chris!

Still not feeling better. I am definitely in some sort of black hole. Tried watching TV, tried eating a little, having a little ginger ale, but my appetite is gone and my stomach feels funny. At this point I'm considering tottering over to the CVS for some miscellaneous grocery and chocolate shopping. Also, I'll note that listening to Disentegration is not helping my mood because it doesn't have the right effect. Really I ought to go fish out the Smiths...
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Close calls

Terror fears don't trump Constitution, court rules
Panel: Protesters can't be forced through metal detectors

Not only this decision interesting in and of itself, but the Court that made this decision located right across from my building. In fact I can see the reflection of it in the windows of the building across the way. So while I was moping here all yesterday, people a block over were making rulings on civil liberties. And to top it off, the ACLU of Georgia headquarters is also a block away, located across a narrow alleyway from the court building.
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Pimp My Bus

Hmmm, imagine if besides that show "Pimp My Ride" they had a show like "Pimp My Bus" where they went to various transit systems and did pimp buses. That would be cool! Everybody would want to get on the bus. Modifications I'd recommend to MARTA buses: lots of chrome, extra wide seats for all those extra wide butts, deluxe ventilation, Afrosheen-repellent windows (for everybody's benefit!), and an Eject button for those bums who get on the bus and pretend for like 8 blocks that they are "finding" their token/quarters/transit card.
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ice cream

Recipe for Recovery

Well, I'm feeling a bunch better, pretty much thanks to no one except myself.

Got on IM and chatted with Caleb for a bit, which cheered me up, I think before I have barely heard from him (!) the past couple of days.

After that I went over to CVS and loaded up on all kinds of stuff, including some food to use as "medication" later on (more on that later). I also got some fun non-food items (also, for later). The super short trek outside in the fresh air also perked me up.

Back at home, I did a total "girl" thing and decided to gussy myself up a bit. (Also had a bit of chocolate, he he.) Put on the new SILVER nailpolish I'd bought at CVS. As a rule, I don't ever do my nails (the old polish I had hasn't been used in 6-7 years!) but the silver intrigued me and putting it on, I found I really liked it. It seemed to be instant-drying, which is fabulous since if I have to wait, I always end up being impatient and messing them up. Anyway, I love the fact I have "robot fingernails" now :)

After that I got out the new mascara I bought (the old one dried up due to disuse). I normally only wear mascara if I'm wearing a black wig, since my brows and lashes are light brown, so tonight I did a test just to see if the stuff would work or not. I did my lashes and eyebrows, put on my black bob wish and did my lipstick nice and red. Re the mascara on my lashes, I really don't see what the point is. I have pretty long thick lashes and all the mascara does is make them a little darker and clumpier, and fake, which to me isn't desirable. *shrugs* Anyway, looked fab after all that gussying up!

Next up was dinner. At first I thought I was going to make the nice Moroccan soup I enjoy, but then I got out one of my cookbooks and found this great recipe for parsnips: parsnip fritters on spinach! Basically you parboil parsnips, dip them in a flour-egg-milk-spice batter, deep fry them, then pop them over some raw spinach with a bit of vinegar and walnuts. The recipe was a tiny bit tedious (had to whip an eggwhite to stiff peaks and deep fry the things) but it was DELICIOUS. I ate the things with a bit of horseradish and ketchup. Will definitely try that again!

Meanwhile while enjoying dinner, I watched some of the Eukanuba Tournment of Champions, which had some nice dogs on. I didn't like the terriers much (personality is ick to me) but I loved the hounds. There was a story on about this coonhound that became a natural therapy dog for this little kid with cerebral palsy and it really warmed my heart. *blush* Still watching the show, I enjoyed a little dish of Rocky Road ice cream I'd got at CVS... with some extra chocolate added. Divine!

Right now I'm going to avoid any kind of cleaning or work and just edit this MS or do other pleasant things. I really don't ever give myself a chance to just chill out, and considering Caleb is leaving me alone*, I should take advantage,

* Note that as soon as I typed that word, he IM'd me... WTF?
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