October 17th, 2004


Editing orgasm

Got through three more chapters of the book I'm editing. So 80 pages done. I'm really enjoying the work, since it's great material to start with and my job is just to push it to be better, not to massivley fix it or anything -- at least not at this part of the book. The further along I get, the more work it'll need, I already know, but I welcome it. I'm going to earn my editor wings or whatever!
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Woke up today and somehow the depression + headache phenomenon had returned. Managed to clean up living/kitchen/dining area, but for much of the afternoon, couldn't be arsed to anything else beyond working on that MS and watching TV. Finally got together with Caleb, who had kindly bought some REAL rye bread from Alon's, and then we went to the library. I admit that although I try to like our neighborhood library, which is the central branch, it has a horrible smell and makes you feel dirty, so we only stuck around long enough to get some CDs & videos, then left for the fresh air outside. Afterward I stayed over Caleb's a couple of hours while he explored the German audio learning lessons he'd got plus cleaned while I stood around saying "Why don't you come over clean my house?" LOL. I think possibly, if it were raining, my day so far could be a Morrissey song.
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So do you think anybody out there writes really weird fan fiction about software programs having sex with one another?

And no, I haven't just drunk cough syrup, just wondering...
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Hairdresser-- no, dishcloth on fire

Well, had a bit of excitement! Decided to make up some good dinner, found a peppers & onion pasta recipe and it turned out well -- except for the part where I somehow got my dishtowel on fire!

I was broiling a green pepper in the oven and had used this small cloth dishtowel as a "potholder" while pulling out the dish it was in. Afterward I put the towel on the counter. I walked away after that to go watch the TV. Must have been 1/2 minute later that I glanced over towards the kitchen island and saw the cloth was "steaming," but since it was a little damp had touched a very hot dish, seemed normal. Kept on standing there watching TV, then must've seen something out of the corner of my eye, because there was the dishtowel on fire! I rushed over and, um, rather stupidly just sort of grabbed a non-burning part of it, thrashed it a bit, which only got black burning bits flying, so then I threw it into the the sink and shot some water on it. (Meanwhile the guinea pigs were running around, either because I'd just run around or because of the flames.) A few minutes later I checked on it and and about 1/2 of it burned away. Fortunately not much smoke was generated and the fire alarm didn't go off. (There's also a unit-wide sprinkler system, but that won't go off until there's an inferno.)

What makes this a little eerie is that over at Caleb's this afternoon he showed me his dishtowels and had offered to give me some, but I said that I was fine and had enough. But now I'm minus one!
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I just realize Caleb went through our 11th anniversary of knowing each other, but neither of us remembered it. It passed on Sept. 21. That was my first day starting my job at GTRI so probably that's why I forget. *Sigh* Oh, well, lots of water under the bridge.
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