October 19th, 2004

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Ugh. Today's my day to go to GTRI and I totally don't want to go to work.

Was having crazy dreams this morning, first something with a "chamelion man" and then a stupid stress dream about email I had while fighting to stay asleep. I don't like that I have to use an alarm on these days, since waking up on my own naturally just a *little* later feels so much better.

I woke up and my hands are all sore, since apparently I twisted them in an especially weird way last night. I don't know why, but I always clench my hands and put them in awkward positions all night, so I wake up and it's like a car parked on them.

Just want to curl up in bed and have a whole day home, only without the working part.
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Sign our office has changed

With our old boss gone, conversation in the off has definitely changed.

Right now I can hear one of our DBA talking with the DBA intern about the legalization of pot.

Quote from Carl: "I wonder if you can actually prove that stoners don't commit violent crimes."

Quote from Will: "It's like having an herb garden."

It's raining out, so I can't hear ALL the converation, but what I do hear cracks me up. LOL.
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Ow! Stupid desk!

I'm at work still and am feeling pretty grumbly.

According to the woman who replaced me, and briefly "oriented" me when I came back on, one of the first things she did when I left was settle into my space and get a new desk.

I HATE this desk!

Previously (for 3 years) I had a nice LITTLE desk that actually wasn't even a desk, it was more of a small table -- no drawers and only about 2 1/2 ft. wide. Perfect desk area too, since it's my feeling that the more working space you have, the more crap you put on it. My desk at home is a 1920s oak office desk that I love because it's really narrow, not a big wide one.

Anyway, Shelley (quite logically I guess) replaced that little desk with this BEHEMOTH office desk. Not only is it wide and huge, with 6 drawers I don't use, but it's also too HIGH. I don't know how she could even use it, since it's too high for ME and I know for a fact I must be like 8 in. taller than her. Definitely NOT ergonomically designed for use with a computer!

But the worse thing about this desk? The metal corner where the desk drawers end is RIGHT at the level of my ankles as I swing out of my chair... resulting in my constantly TWACKING myself on the ankelbones. OW!

Will I do something about this? I don't know. Right now they have started the whole process of filling this position with a FT person, so it might be that in a month I'll be gone. In which case, why waste time making a fuss over this desk. Everybody here would think I was being an eccentic.

But I DO hate it.
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Simple tastes

Should it worry me that I can eat rye bread and butter for dinner and be happy?

Then again, I can eat a plate of roasted potatoes or boiled parsnips or carrots for dinner.

I think I just do well on peasant food. Esp. if there's butter involved.
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ROFLMAO! Got that right, buddy!

My angst tastes like...

Both sweet and sour, your angst stems from your sexuality; more specifically, your homosexuality. Maybe you're not yet sure and you're worrying and trying to find out more about yourself, or maybe you're pretty sure but still have trouble coming to terms with it and being honest with yourself. Maybe you haven't told anyone, or maybe you have and people aren't taking it well. It's sad that such a thing can still have potential for some of the worst angst there is, but as long as you stay confident and positive, you can get through anything.

By nature, you and your angst are unseparable, but that doesn't mean you have to let it weigh you down or consider it something other than part of who you are. Remember that you are your own person and that nothing can change that.
Find your angst's flavor
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