October 21st, 2004

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Go BoSox!

Do I care about sports? No, not at all really.

Do I care the Red Sox won? Yes, I do!

:) Whoo hoo!

Considering they are always the team that BLOWS their lead, LOSES series they should have won, etc., this is awesome! Wicked awesome, in fact!


Even with my dad's extreme antipathy towards all things Boston, I grew up watching a lot of games and used to go see them at Fenway from time to time. I would never spend time following a sports team now but sentimentally, I for some reason still care.
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Another morning, another dream

Woke up to another strange dream. This one seemed at first to do with some giant dormitory, but then it turned into a dream about Macy's department store.

Two bits I remember most clearly:

Somehow or other I wound up giving a fashion lecture, partially sponsored by Macy's. It wasn't done on stage though, but delivered from a hotel room near a Macy's. People were lined up down the hall, stairwells, and into the street. All I would do is sit there in my room and tell people one by one some tips on thriftshopping or mix-and-matching or how to look retro. At one point I decided to give up on one-by-one and I let in around 10 people, who I told to sit on the queen-sized beds. This is the only "lecture" I vaguely remember: me telling people how often it only looks like my clothes are old when they aren't, although they are mixed with old things. Once again, marchenland showed up in one of my dreams; she was there nodding and then adding some additional tips about doing alternations to things from thrift stores, to make them more what you wanted.

The second thing I remember from the dream is a bit of Caleb going crazy over some plants. We were leaving Macy's and suddenly he saw a double-row of trees near the parking lot. It was this odd planting where in between the rows of trees were "shelves" of other plants, enclosed in clear glass like a terranium. Anyway, Caleb sees this and suddenly yells and says something about some plants being in there that he MUST rescue because it's not growing right. He runs and starts to SCALE this giant plant thing! I back away and sit down, embarrassed and thinking the cops might come. Then I notice that Caleb has magically shrunk himself down to about 1-in. tall and is running around inside the terrarium. (I can see this because for dream-purposes, the whole thing is much smaller, like a lot of terrariums stacked on top of one another.) I see Caleb running past frogs, toads, then some giant snakes, and I yell to warn him about it, because I don't want him eaten by reptiles! Some people walking by stare at me and say "Why are you shouting at those empty terrariums?" and I say my friend in in there. They think I'm crazy -- because they don't see the tiny little Caleb running around to rescue the plant!

I also dreamt something like a screwball comedy involving a woman and mistress playing a joke on their man, plus some other dream about Bil from Outworlders.

I swear, the human brain comes up with WEIRD stuff!
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College Voters

This news (OK, poll/study) is good:

Poll: College students moving toward Kerry

Meanwhile I hope they have their absentee ballots or plan to go home for election day, as plenty of times, college students don't qualify to register in the towns where they go to school (and may live year-round). I know I voted absentee at UMass once in the early 90s when Kennedy was up for re-election.
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You know that horrible feeling when you've spent an hour or so making a new recipe and then you eat it and it's DISGUSTING?! I am SO having that :( Made this carrot-mushroom-onion loaf (more of a casserole) from the Moosewood cookbook my mom gave me and it was vile. I'm sure it would have been better had I actually used cheese (yeah, I used some soy substitutes plus extra egg) and put in a weeeeeeee less dill. Yuck. I tried to eat a serving and couldn't finish it. Such a shame, as I used up 6 carrots, a whole onion and a box of mushrooms on it and all to waste. I wish I could maybe reuse it in soup but with the dill and all, it's pretty much a wash. I think I'm going to be ill now...
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Wendy the Grouch

This night is sucking.

First off, I decided I was tired of work, feeling sleepy, so I took off around 5:15, an hour early. The weather was beautiful and my head was full of ideas for what I could do with my evening. Grocery shopping? Maybe going out someplace to write? Take the pigges to the park? Cook a nice dinner? Watch one of the movies I took out from the library?

Somehow between the walk to the bus stop, waiting for the bus and the ride home, I didn't get home 'til 6. Huh? Then I wasted an hour making a DISGUSTING dinner. That really bummed me out. Plus Caleb decided to go out with Caleb instead of watching a movie with me (and already ate dinner, although what I made was sick anyway) and that got me sad too.

Then I went to submit my picture for the contest and the web page moved. Grrr! I emailed the site asking WTF but meanwhile I got really ticked off about it, high-BP'd myself.

I'm feeling really angry and depressed right now. That would be... MOODY. I have 2 movies I could watch, M and Ed Wood but I don't want to do either since I HATE the idea of sitting down for TWO HOURS straight. I like books b/c you can put them down and not have to read for two hours w/o doing anything else. Movies, much as I love them, are so INCONVENIENT! I think this is the THIRD time I've taken out Ed Wood and I have to return it this weekend, so probably not going to watch it... again. Ugh!

Meanwhile I'm trying to soothe myself editing but I think I'm too grouchy. I kind of want to do some really violent paintings instead. It's stupid hormones, I'm sure, since this would be about the time for it.

So my night had been BLECH. And no dinner either. I am going to fetch myself a cocktail.
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To make up for that grumpy grumpy post, here's an idea I had earlier when the sun was shining.

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There were very, very few foods I didn't like actually: fish, clams, squash, melons (including watermelon), tea, coffee... That's all I can think of. I was really never fussy unlike somebody tried to make me eat fish. Today there are a couple kinds of fish I like if they're cooked right, I like some squash a lot, and I love tea and coffee. I still think melon is gross, except for cantaloupe.