October 22nd, 2004

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Another dream: October Surprise!

Woke up to ANOTHER crazy dream!

This time, I dreamt about that much talked about "October surprise" -- in this case a staged terrorist act.

Cutting right to the chase (and skipping whatever came before it), Bush speaking at some big international conference with all kinds of world leaders, discussing some world-wide treaty (which he probabably didn't want the U.S. to sign). I think I'm at this conference myself or in the same city, but of course it's such a big event and there's a lot of security so I don't see Bush, I only see him on TV. The media seems to be following his every move.

Anyway, Bush gets up to give a big presentation. It does not well. He seems kind of nervous. At one point, he's talking about computers and turns around to point to what's obviously an iMac and then tries to talk to it, like Mr. Scott in Star Trek IV! LOL. Anyway, the president is looking pretty awkward but finally he goes to wrap up his speech. He does so, but then he gets this funny look on his face and suddenly remembers this large, tall trophy on the table, which he "forgot" to take with him. He picks it up, kids around with it a bit, then sort of swings it back so it hits the table or the podium or something. He seems to lose his balance for a second but he's just "goofing around," being the same kind of "regular guy" who choked on a pretzel and fell off his bike.

Now this is where the fun starts! Bush is all done and goes to walk away from the stage. The camera follow him as he carries the trophy. He seems to be looking straight at the camera. And then suddenly, there's this noise and the whole stage and walls of the auditorium suddenly collapse, and Bush rushes forward very dramatically, screams right at the camera like a movie, only to be engulfed by a pile of steel-reinforced concrete rubble.

OMG, I was so flabbergasted! I turned away right off, thinking of JFK's head getting blown off and how I really didn't want to see Bush die live on TV. But then it was never clear if he DID die, because right after that, the TV went out and there was suddenly a big "security alert" involving a new blackout. Even so, everybody around me seems convinced that Bush's "stumbling" was actually him triggering some kind of button that set off a bomb. We speculated that he would actually turn out to be fine, just a little scratched up, and would then get the "sympathy vote" and of course support to keep on that terror-fighting stuff :(

Then I woke up.

P.S. marchenland did not seem to be in this dream, LOL.
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Sandals in large sizes

Really love these Rockport sandals I got as a hand-me-down from Caleb's boss Alycen. So I just went looking online to see their offering. One thing that immediately impresses me (and no doubt did Alycen) is that almost all their styles seem to go up to size 11 or even 12! OMG, I love them! Few American shoe makers seem to go that high, which is why most of my nice shoes are Italian, bought at places like Norstrom and Marmi (Italian shoe dealer). Heck, I completely loahte DSW Shoe Warehouse because they hardly stock over a 10 in any of their 10,000 styles -- which seems like a MAJOR oversight and insults the crap out of me. But oooh, Rockport sandals! Gotta find out who sells them around here!
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Sometimes you just have to let go...

Lately I've been grumpy and stressed out -- working all the time, falling behind on stuff, bad mood, weird dreams, snapping at friends, house is turning into a mess, etc., etc.

Well, today I said, enough of that! Time for a mini-vacation! Granted, it was just a few hours but basically I took the day off work. Wheeeeee!

This morning was, admittedly, not very relaxing. Due to the Bush-October-Surprise dream, I overslept a bit, which in turn put me behind on what I wanted to do. Ran some errands, had breakfast, then realized I had to get up to Buckhead before 12 to get my allergy shot. The bad news was that it was already 11 and I had a hair appt. at 12:30 in Decatur, which is NOT close, especially when you're using public transit!

But away I went to Buckhead. I made it *just* in time (they stop shots at 12 on Fridays) and only let myself wait for 5 minutes afterward (you're supposed to wait 20 minutes in case there's a reaction), because I had to get to Decatur. Left the office at noon and by the time I got the bus and train back Downtown, it was 12:35 -- and I still had to get the train to Decatur!

Well, this is where things finally improved. I got to the salon (Salon Red, love that name) late but they were fine with that since I guess they'd been running late themselves. As usual had a lovely, relaxing time there and got a really nice haircut -- short and cute. Afterward I went to Cafe Alsace, this lovely little French place next door, where I indulged in a huge latte with an almond-creme-filled croissant as appetizer, followed by a yummy cheese-tomato-and-olive sandwich with asparagus-lavender soup. Mmmmmmm. Filled to the gills, went over to Squash Blossom, this clothing boutique I've always wanted to spent "quality time" at. Found a really comfortable, durable, warm purple corderoy skirt (and admired a lot of other stuff that just wasn't big enough). Then I went to the import shop on Church Street, which had nice stuff as usual but nothing for me in particular. There was another shop just opened that had all kinds of knitted stuff, but none of it was really my style, even though it was unique and high quality. Finally across the street I went into Domestic Instincts / Taste, where as usual I couldn't resist getting a few things, this time kitchen-oriented: stainless steel wine bottle stopper (been needing one bad!), silicon pot holder (after my cloth one lit on fire!), and a bottle of muscadine cider (never tried that, but it must be good!)

After that, took the train back home. On the way to my place, stopped at CVS to get some nail base/topcoat. Decided I might as well continue the "girlish indulgence" streak by trying to do a beter job with the silver nailpolish. I did my nails last Saturday and have had to touch them up 4-5 times a DAY because that stuff chips so badly, so I thought, "Hmmm, maybe clear base coat or top coat would help?" Just did that... Don't think it worked. All the base coat did was make it harder for the silver stuff to stick and the finish came out all lumpy with bubbles in it. I put on 2 coats of topcoat hoping it will keep from chipping but it's already skidding off. It's all quick-drying stuff, so I don't get it. (Ladies, I ask, how the HELL do you do your nails? I am CLUELESS in this regard, since my mom never wore any makeup except lipstick now and then and nobody ever has explained the mystery. I love the silver nails but up close, they look TERRBIBLE!)

Tonight from 6-8 the neighborhood is having a happy hour at the Sun Dial at the top of the Westin, so I think I'll go to that. Then at 9 Caleb and I are seeing MORRISSEY! Yaaaaaaay!

I admit I still feel depressed, like in that lingering chemical way, and also still kind of bitchy, but at least I feel relaxed and not all full of tension.
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I am really going to have to take this nail polish off tonight. I just can't stand it being all gloppy like this. Perhaps my nervous habit of constantly "itching" my fingernails is the reason it bothers me -- I can't DO that when I have the polish on or the finish comes right off! Aaargh! I have a very low tolerance for "female fashion inconveniences" and this is starting to really irritate me. I wish my nails could just be like jewelry, actual metal, and not sort of like little things I must be "careful" of.
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