October 24th, 2004

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Ed Wood

Just watched Ed Wood, which I took out from the library for the 2nd or 3rd time last week but had still not watched. It's due tomorrow --erm, today, I mean, now that it's 1 a.m. Glad I watched it finally. I quite enjoyed. My favorite parts were Bill Murray as an old queen (he looked so amazing in B&W with his makeup like that, plus a great characterization) and the bit where Johnny Depp comes out wearing that sequinned harem outfit doing the Dance of the Seven Veils or whatever at the movie wrap party. LOL. Also Martin Landau, who was just incredible. Loved when he had to do the scene with the octopus, curses everybody and then gamely wrestles with the giant rubber monster. 4 Stars!
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Brain shortcircuiting

Weird dream again. This time I don't remember the whole story of it, just bits and pieces:

- Strange cats that had been bred with long, tubular bodies like ferrets with short legs and long necks that came up at a 90 degree angle. People kept saying they were cute but to me they simply looked weird.

- Restoration of an amazing 1930s beach house somehow inspired by the Wizard of Oz and not fully opened to the public since the 30s.

- Me working with Batman and using this kind of air bazooka thing, which I was shooting out a window of some house as a flare while he did the complicated stuff.

- Burying a whole bunch of people in a really crowded waterfront graveyard. My mom was helping by sewing serge funeral shrouds for all the bodies. I went inside at one point and found her talking on the phone while carelessly routing a big shroud through the sewing machine. I was told it was the shroud for my grandmother and it didn't matter if the seams were right, only that the cloth didn't fray.

- Bunch of Southerners at a lake campground getting all upset when they find out they can't BBQ on the pier since it's made of old bamboo or something pretty flammable.

- I'm casting a movie and have been told this 5-year-old girl is going to star, but when I meet her she's a tiny toddler and an albino. I start to freak, but then she starts talking to me and I realize she's like a harling -- much, much older than she looks.

Very odd stuff.
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