October 27th, 2004

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10,000 Steps

Well, you always hear that you should talk 10,000 steps a day and you'll be healthy. In fact, one of my clients is a transportation management association that's been having Walk There! contests based on that -- whole companies signing up, everybody wearing pedometers, and then people competing for most steps a week, month, etc.

Anyway, this weekend while cleaning I found the pedometer I must've bought a year or more ago, and decided to use it, since I was walking to work. I'm happy to say that between walking to work, walking to lunch, walking about 1/3 home (before catching bus), walking through neighborhood and then around my house all night, I've got 10,146 steps! Since it's a bit past midnight, I'll just say I hit the nail on the head. This equates to 6.5 miles, 450 calories.

Now the unfortunate thing is, I don't do 10,000 steps every day because when I'm NOT going to Georgia Tech, I often will be putting around here all day. However, this pedometer has me challenged now. I feel like I should go out into the hall and "pace" during the day to rack up steps. I can go out and run errands I might put off... since I almost always AM putting off errands. I could just go out and catch some fresh air. And then I'd get my walking in and potentially lose weight and feel better.

This resolution will probably last a couple of days but whoah, at least 2 days a week I'll E enough.
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Blown Me Down!

Just finished Venus Plus X. Could not resist finishing it, as I got close last night and just HAD to get to the end. It's only about 200 pages. What a great read, on so many levels. Although it was originally published in 1960, Sturgeon was very far ahead of the curve with this -- critical examination of gender, sex, politics, religion, within a plot -- and thus it stands up very well. Absolutely fascinating and full of quotes I'm going to have to pull and quote somewhere later. Anyway, definitely a new title to add to my fav books list. And thanks to little_kiwi for recommending it to me via his book review in Inception!
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I can't be seeing this!!!!!!

I mean, I think hackers have taken over Boston.com. That CAN'T be!

*stunned ex-Baystater goes to look at TV*


Now everybody has to find something else to moan about? Oh, right, Winter has arrived, so they're all set.
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