October 29th, 2004

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Ut oh, look what time it is...

That Butler book is such crack. Ugh. Why did I have to schedule an appt. for this morning? Read over 200 pages today, then after that was flipping through the rest of the book. Incredible stuff.
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I'm now past p. 300 in that book I'm reading, and started yesterday morning. Wow!

Other books I've read really quickly: Vampire Lestat (1 night in 7th grade), Wraeththu, several other Storm books, and (Pinto's) The Chosen (one day, who knows how).
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Unsolicited Bigotry by Phone

So my phone just rang.


Approximated transcript of the "conversation."

RECORDED VOICE (sauve sounding black man): This is a 45-second public opinion survey. Do you plan to vote in favor of the amenment on the Georgia constitution defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman?

ME: No.

RECORDED VOICE: Are you comfortable with a small minority of people twisting the laws and coopting the law to favor a lifestyle which is not popular with the majority?

ME: (Hell) Yes.

RECORDED VOICE: Are you comfortable with the idea of children being denied their right to have both a mother and a father, which is what would happen if these homosexuals have their way?

ME: Yes.


There was some other question (I know there were 4) but I forget what it was because the sound of rushing blood in my head drowned it out. I know I growled "No" though. Then the damn voice "thanked" me and urged me to vote Yes.

This disgusting propaganda shittily disguised as a "survey" REALLY bothers me!!!!!
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Pretty Pretty Woman

I was just down at a building social / VSA gallery special program and WHOAH! did I meet a beautiful woman. She's a stylist at one of the salons in our building. I have been so busy rushing in and out lately that I've never noticed anything about her before except her beautiful dark red dredlocks. But ooh! She is so beautiful and fun to talk to, esp. considering she has laryngitis. She was so fabulous though! Very aaaaaargh! yeehaaa! on life! 'Course I am just saying all this as an expression of the total futility in thinking she might not be straight, but hey, I can do that. I can also chat with her next time I see her!
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