October 30th, 2004

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dharmagirl would appreciate this

Wikipedia's featured article is about France's Louis XIV, whose name I memorized by telling myself he had been an IV drug addict but was now over it --> X IV (drug addict). Talk about a mnemenic assosiciation. It got me through high school freshman world history though!
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Sex in fiction

A NY Times book review starts out this way:

Sex scenes in fiction are a problem. Whether they're rendered crudely and directly, through graphic close-ups and blunt four-letter words, or delivered elegantly and obliquely, through misty impressions and lofty euphemisms, most displays of literary lovemaking tend to make the reader's flesh crawl. They feel like overcooked pornography, undercooked lyric poetry or -- worst of all -- some odd, jarring combination of the two. Only the juvenile and the information-starved actively seek out such passages; the mature and the experienced regard them as unavoidable ordeals.

I can't believe the writer is serious. Obviously he's not been reading the right books. True, I am a juvenile, information-starved horndog but come on, that chararacterization of sex in fiction is just silly.

*shakes head*
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