October 31st, 2004

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Butler blowing my mind

I've finished the second book in 3-in-1 Octavia Butler omnibus book I'm reading, Lilith's Brood, and I'm working on the third, Imago. So up around 600 pages I guess. Incredible stuff. What a writer she is. Again, I am totally feelin' that MacArthur Foundation grant she was awarded... like whoah, was it deserved. Her humans, her aliens, her human-alien hybrids, her dialog -- it all seems to realistic to me, leaves me amazed.

There are quite a few more of her books I'd like to read, like the books that come after Wild Seed, which I read last year, but I think I'll have to wait just a bit so I can soak in this one when I'm done. I have a Le Guin 3-in-1 book to read anyway (plus I want to read at least the main Earthsea books before that mini-series comes out on SciFi).
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*Ding!* Done!

I'm done the book. This is good, because I was practically incapacitated with the need to read it. I just spent the past 3 hours finishing it off. Very, very satisfying.

Of the three books that make up the omnibus, I'm not sure which I liked best. The first book, Dawn, is very different from the second and third, because it's done from the human POV, starting with a human woman who eventually begins the "reseeding" of earth with human-alien hybrids. The second book, Adulthood Rites, is a coming of age story about the first human-born male "construct" (hybrid), and the last book, Imago, is told from the coming-of-age- story POV of the first "construct" ooloi (the "third" sex that allows sex & procreation between males and females of both species).

My head is such mush now though :) I should clean, I should work, I should take a damn nap!
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