November 2nd, 2004

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I'm looking at the sample ballot for tomororw and one thing puzzles me. Why the heck is the party affiliation of people running for Sherriff and Surveyor and stuff listed?

Part of my puzzlement is that I still haven't quite adjusted to growing up in a town run by a Town Manager with a much more non-partisan gov't. Not to mention the whole Town Meeting thing, which is how my hometown governs itself.
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One more election post

I sometimes wish I would NOT find stuff like this:

Supreme Disenfranchisement
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet. Posted November 2, 2004.
Did you know that in Bush v. Gore the Supreme Court wrote: "the individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote" in presidential elections?

For Pete's sake!
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I'm not FT, people!

I just checked my Tech email and I swear, I should've waited 'til I got to there to know what's waiting for me. Those people are out of control! I am working 2 days a week, trying to do a site redesign and the web reports, and meanwhile everybody keeps ordering me onto other web maintenance projects.

Today I received: 1) big update to Facilities pages, 2) bunch of big admin manual changes, 3) Big timesheet training announcement, and of course 4) a dental technology web site that suddenly has to be done. There were a few other things, too.

What The HELL! I'm going to my supervisor when I come in today to ask what I should do. Which I kind of like doing, as that way it's not my "fault" what doesn't get done, because it was his decision. He's good too; he'll even contact the people who've emailed me and explain that I only work 2 days a week, so I don't have to tell them myself.
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The deed is done -- quickly!

Well, it's done! Took all of five minutes. I'm not kidding: entered the polling place at 9:10, filled out the form, showed my ID, got checked off the rolls, got my electronic voting card, voted, handed in my card, got my sticker -- all in five minutes. I got to work *early* today!

Supposedly I "missed" the line, but I seriously doubt my precinct had any kind of huge line. While all precincts are supposedly equal population-wise, a large proportion of "residents" in my area are homeless, suffer mental illness, do drugs, etc., and therefore are not exactly likely voters. Almost everybody voting was a resident of a Downtown loft, condo, apartment, etc.

I'm guessing the final tally from my precinct will show 90% Kerry or something like that.
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No coup, hopefully

From a Voters Comments page the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is running on their web site:

Took me an hour and a half to vote out here in Buford. Now I’m watching our baby while my wife spends her hour and a half waiting to vote. It’s a bit of pain, but it beats the heck out of a bloody coup! :-)


On a serious note, if the Supreme Court has to go to work picking the president again and Renquist is either not able to server or (don't think I'm rude) dead, and the Court has a tied vote... That would be bad.
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Early voting in GA

Wow, look at this news from the Atlanta paper!

Voters who stood in line for hours last week to cast an early ballot won't be surprised by figures released by the secretary of state's office on Monday. More than 367,777 Georgians voted during the biggest rollout of the state's advance voting program.

Coupled with absentee ballots, state elections officials said, the number of people voting in Georgia before polls open today could top 600,000 — about 20 percent of the projected turnout.

I think today's turnout will be the highest in decades for this state.
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Memo I WISH I could send out...

To: GTRI Employees
From: Wendy Darling
Date: Nov. 2, 2004
Subject: Wait Your Turn!

It seems that everybody in this entire organization thinks they can send me things to post online, using "ASAP" in their note, and magically have it posted within an hour. I am sorry to report this, but I have over 20 projects on my to do list, so whether you need me to do the work ASAP or not, I can't do that, because it goes in the queue, which has just been arranged by my supervisor. Please get a grip and realize that I am only here two days a week and even if I was here full-time, I would have my hands full. Maybe if you had funded our department to have a FT web staff position months ago, then my predessor would not have left and she'd still be here doing this work. However, since you didn't, you are stuck with me and I with you. Go have some spiked tea and chill.

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In My Space Capsule

So, re the election, does anybody else have this weird floating-in-space, suspended-animation type feeling of having no control and knowing it will be hours... days... weeks (let's hope not!) of waiting to finding what's happening?

At least we'll get results for state and local elections in a timely manner.

I wonder if any of those 11 anti-gay-marriage amendments will get rejected. I'm guessing probably not, which is sad. As catscradle pointed out, using the popular vote to let the majority control rights of a minority is rather absurd. There's a reason COURTS wound up being so important in the Civil Rights movement. People in Alabama and elsewhere didn't VOTE to strike down the laws, now did they? Georgia's amendment will very likely pass. There is strong opposition to it in parts of Atlanta, but also a lot of support (Cobb County folks), plus there's the entire rest of the state, which definitely doens't have the liberal bent of the metro region.

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I came home and there were 4 checks in the mail for me. More checks than bills, in fact.I love when that happens :)
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Project This

I really really REALLY wish the media would cut out doing "projected winner" crap at this hour, when most of the country is STILL VOTING! All these outlets have said they will "be careful" about naming winners, and yet they do this sort of thing. CNN is doing it now and the polls closed like 10 minutes ago. They don't even say how they are "projecting."

Somebody in Hawaii could be like "Oh, right now it looks like X is happening, so why bother voting?"

I swear I'll try to keep talking about the election.

I swear I'll probably break that promise.
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German electoral language

Because I really need to get away from American news sites, I am going to some German ones to check out, what else, their election coverage.

In so doing, I've learned some new words*. These words are the German attempt to give German names to American political processes.

  • Wahlmännerstimmen - Electoral College votes (literally "voices of voting men")
  • Amtsinhaber - Incumbent (literaly "possessor of office")
  • Herausforderer - Challenger (also has implication as "leader of the pack" I think)
  • Hauptstadtbezirk - Capital District, i.e. Washington ("bezirk" means district, which but I always think it sounds crazy)
  • Hochrechnungen - high returns (e.g. Kerry in Mass.)
  • Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen - head-to-head race
  • Fernsehsender - broadcaster (TV is "Fernseher" in German, which is basically like calling it the device that lets you see (seh) images from far away (fern)
  • Wahlreform-Informationsprojekts - Voting Reform Information Project (it just looks scarier in German since they make it one word)

One thing I notice is that they use "republikanische" and "demokratische" as lower-case adjectives, so that they mean more like "republican" and "democratic." I'm suprised they don't say "Democratic Party candidate John Kerry" instead of "democratic candidate John Kerry," especially since their own political system always says things like "SPD leaders" (just like us saying "DNC leaders").

An article form Der Spiegel says it's likely election turn out will top the last highest turnout, which was way, way back in 1960. I really hope we once AGAIN elect a guy from Massachusetts!!!!!

And one more funny thing... this EVIL picture of Dubya, from Der Spiegel's web site:

* Yes, I admit my interpretation of these could be wrong. Although I studied it for many years, German isn't my native language and political German is not easy to read, LOL.
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Georgia goes Republican 3 ways...

So with about 1/2 the precincincts in Georgia report, it's quite clear that the state is voting for Bush, a Republican Senator (to replace the pseudo-Republican Democrat Zell Miller), and is overwhelmingly supporting the anti-gay marriage ballot measure. I'm glad I live in Atlanta, not GEORGIA. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!
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