November 3rd, 2004


Creating alien biology to kill time...

Gotta say... doing a 3-page outline of the Reproductive Biology appendix for my novel is a really good distraction vs. the news. Stress usually brings out the best in me. I have done a big chart of the whole process and then an outline. These aliens become more intersting all the time...
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So I've heard how the Christians and the Right Wing and the Anti-Abortion folks and the Concerned Women for America were reallllllllllly uphappy in the 90s. Angry. They HATED Clinton. (Think: Bob Barr.) They felt disenfranchised.

As soon as they got their chance to get their own man in, they did, and then they were happy.

I really hope they don't STAY happy.

On the other hands, if Dems, Leftists, Sane People, Anti-War folks, etc. get as mad in the next 4 years as those Republicans did in the 90s, well... I think there is a chance for a new "takeover" in 2008. Or, like, sooner if possible.

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Suspense and Not So Good Feelings

It took me an hour to fall sleep, since my anxiety-related breathing disorder decided to kick in, big time. It wasn't so much the forgetting to breathe thing as choking on myself repeatedly and muscle spasms in my chest. Greeeeeat.

This morning I woke up an hour early -- and spent that hour refusing to get out of bed, afraid to check the news. That was pretty memorable: "I'm hiding under the covers!" Even if it's not as bad as I thought (still up in the air), it is not giving me a good feeling.
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Even His Supporters Admit It

Exit Poll Data

Which one candidate quality mattered most in deciding how you voted for president?

He will bring about needed change
Bush voters: 5%
Kerry voters: 94%

He is intelligent
Bush voters: 11%
Kerry voters: 89%

He has strong religious faith
Bush voters: 97%
Kerry voters: 3%

He is a strong leader
Bush voters: 91%
Kerry voters: 9%

So... Bush supporters are looking for a "moral" leader, but don't care if he does anything or if he's STUPID.
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Just like I did on 9/11, I'm working on Inception to distract myself. I don't think I could do any real work. Gah.

Kerry just... Yeah. Wonderful.

And is indeed blacked out, at least for a few days.
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Morrissey needs to write a song for today

I just went out to run some errands... and hit Atlanta with my SCOWL.

Actually almost every I saw looked really, really grumpy. Nobody was really smiling or laughing or whatever. There was a cloud, a pall over downtown.

Which isn't suprising, since the vote in this county was 60% Kerry (#s were flipped the other way, state wide) and the majority vote was for the senate candidate who lost statewide. And Fulton County county showed the least support for our anti-gay marraige amendment, which "only" got 60% here, as opposed to 90% (or more!) in many counties.

My birds have some fresh millet, my guinea pigs just got fresh spinach, and I've got a glass of wine.
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Post-Election Check Up

Poll #378266 Election Reactions

When you found out Kerry was probably losing and then had really lost, what reactions did you have?

Venting incoherently (shouting, cursing, screaming)
Communicating with others (talking, emailing, posting online, calling people on the phone)
Look into immigration options
Get active (plan a boycott, protest, organize a group)
Rage against the machine
Listen to music that expressed your mood
Get drunk

I hope everybody recovers. Oh, and the country too. Someday anyway.
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