November 5th, 2004

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Achey achey

My body is having one of those days where if, were somebody else to find themselves somehow inhabiting it, they'd be like "What the HELL is wrong with you?!" Ugh, my body aches so bad, all over. Normally I don't notice it because it's a sort of constant thing, but the weather's gotten colder (Atlantaspeak: 50s) and suddenly I'm in a world of hurt. My hands are the worst, but actually all my joints pretty much suck. My hands are from the weird positions I take when I sleep, which is kind of frustrating since I can't exactly control what I do when I'm sleeping. My other joints... not sure what their problem is. My legs are sore but it can't be from walking since I do that all the time and it shouldn't make me MORE sore. I'm thinking now that my bank account is in decent shape again (thanks to clients who pay, plus Georgia Tech!) I'm going to go for a massage. A full body one probably, plus a hand and arm massage. *Sigh*
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Apologizing to the World...

Ganked this link from malibran... be patient, it's getting a lot of hits

The idea tickles me. I love the pictures and the signs. Some of my favs: 1) the guy holding a sign that says "We tried so fucking hard." and another where a woman is holding a sign with a pic of Florida with an arrow on it saying "We live in a giant wang, what more can you expect?" LOL
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Taking Care of Business

Well, it's Friday night and here I am at CAP doing the monthly web site log file analysis. Why the deadline for this had to fall on a Friday, I don't know, but it kind of sucks. Friday night in an office, all by myself, sitting here for 2 hours while the computer chugs through log files -- not really fun! I am trying to make the best of it, however, having a) brought 150 pages of an MS Immanion Press is considering and b) having grabbed a Diet Coke and leftover catered food from the office break room. So I can read a really strange fantasy novel while hyped up on caffeinne and sugar!

Things have been doing a bit better Metro Girl work-wise. I am still not as on top of things as I'd like, but I'm making some headway. I've gone dome work for Mat Man I'm doing that'll get me a bunch of money, will be doing the real estate site finally, and I'm almost done the Charis Circle web site. Work at Georgia Tech is slowly going forward as well. I guess the best news this week was that I got three client checks, none of which I'd expected so early.

Overall things are going well once again financially and my bank account is at a comfortable level again. Over the summer things were very month-to-month and I was pretty freaked, but since early October when I was hovering just above broke, the $ in my bank account has gone up x19! And things look like they will continue to be good for quite a while, given the Georgia Tech job, the retirement home contract, etc. And the other day when I ran a report of Metro Girl's gross income this year, it was almost as much as I earned (pre-tax) on my first job out of college (which was at $23/hr., so not shabby). That was a cheering thought -- that yes I can support myself.
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So Sue Me!

You Are a New School Democrat

You like partying and politics - and are likely to be young and affluent.

You're less religious, traditional, and uptight than most Democrats.

Smoking pot, homosexuality, and gambling are all okay in your book.

You prefer that the government help people take care of themselves.

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I just realized there's no reason for me to actually stay here and wait for this report. Originally I was going to stay 'til like 8, when the report finishes, then send it to the woman who needs it. However, since the woman is out 'til Monday anyway... I'll just come in Monday myself. LOL. Not that I have huge Friday night plans or anything, but heck, staying here is super lame!
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All I'm capable of typing right now... that they server some mighty potent drinks at Trader Vics's...


Um, actuallyu I only h ad ONE two hours ago, but that was enough.

Caleb's co-wrokers were out and called us to met, and they were all drunking out of a biggggg drink. I got my own, something calling a Somaon Fog ...Something. It was LARGE. It had naked women carved on teh ceramic mug. Fruit and rum was involved. Caleb said it tasted likepainter thinger, but he kept trying it. The Tiki-ness of Trader Vic's was great. There were puffer fishses on the ceilng.

After we left we were rathy all giggly so we went up in the Marriott Marquis and ruode up the elevators to the top, so we could look down inside the "fish guts" of the atrium. I was still pretty sober, as the drugs had not kicked on. Then we went through the tubes to the Hyatt... we went in circles at one point, as we were all drunk. Then I becamse a littte wobbly on the wy home, was weaving on the sideway. DAvid and Rebecca were doing a chorus line.

Finally we went to Sidebar, by my house. I had a biig plate of fries and a cuban sandwich. I thought it would make me less drunk but I got more drunk, without drinking more. Caleb fiunally ahd a drink, a gin and tonic, and it was a pretty big glass, so he were drunk even though he said he wasn't. Everybody else was verrry drunk. They all had digital cameras and were taking pcitures the whole time. At the end, we paid the bill and Ahmad found out they had charged for the the ROCKS in his drink, so they took a picture. It was weird. Ice cost $1?

They were going to walk all the way back to their office in Midtown, but drink more on the way, like a Halo or somewhere. Caleb went hojme. I am here and I feel like there is some nerve drug messing up my typing. Pepole who know me know I am not usaully so impaired, but that drink at Trader Vic's was biiig. It was very rymmy.

I am going to dream crazy dreams, but lucky for me I don't gert hangovered. (Well, excpet at Grissecon after I had drunk 3 Breezers, an Irish Cream and a whoel damn bottle of homemade cherry wine. That next day I felt sooooo bad.)

Good night!
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