November 8th, 2004

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Oh, gag me with a spoon!

People are always writing letters to the Atlanta paper basically complaining about liberal bias, but recently these letters are really irritating me. The new thing, since the election, has been people writing in and saying the paper is out of step with Georgia, since Georgia voted Republican and overall has conservative values. The paper should, the writers claim, fall in step with Georgians.

Um, well, no, actually it shouldn't. For several reasons.

One, the paper is not a public resource required to be entirely representative of the public. It's not a public institution with a non-descrimination policy for editorial -- it's a business with particular people in it who are producing a paper which, wow, representives their worldview. If a bunch of people want to start up a more conservative Atlanta paper, they can go do that (in fact, I think Creative Loafing fits that bill, though it pretends to be "alternative.") Of course, I find the paper pretty middle of the road, trying to please everybody, but then I voted for Kennedy some years ago, so who am I to say?

Oh, and as for representing conservative values, I'd like to ask what other major newspaper has a weekly Faith and Values section? I don't think the Boston Globe runs that! (On a related note, a reader wrote in the other day asking why the AJC had no science section, althugh it had a religious one. I thought that was a good question!)

Another major fault in the reasoning of these writers: Thinking the Atlanta paper is somehow trying to be a paper for all Georgia. Excuse me, but it's not called the Georgia Journal-Constitution. True, it does sell over a large area of the state, but the primary audience is people in Metro Atlanta or, I'd be even more specific, people in the core counties.

Finally, to state the obvious: Fulton and DeKalb Counties and the City fo Atlanta VOTED FOR KERRY! People in this state don't like Atlanta but tough... it's one of the few places in this state where Democrats can still thrive.

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Computer Voice System Doesn't Under Bostonians

I am highly amused...

'Baahston' Accent Wreaking Havoc On 411

I remember back when I was a kid going to the Computer Museum, where all the latest great computer stuff was, the voice recognition programs could never understand the only kids, only me -- because not only was I able to properly modulate my voice to accommodate the very primitive system, but because I didn't have a Boston or other New England Accent. Or at least I could toss it in order to get my way!

Bit of trivia: I have a recording of myself at age 7 in which I display a lovely Bronx accent, which I apparently got from my parents but later lost. Seeing as I grew up a couple hundred miles from the Bronx, that amuses me no end.
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(no subject)

So Six Feet Under is ending. Boy, I remember when that came out. But I have never ever seen it! LOL... I've never seen Queer As Folk either. In fact, since my DirectTV subscription doesn't include regular local TV and I don't get HBO, I basically don't have access to any current TV series except maybe things like StarGate and stuff. Which I guess is OK, since I am plenty happy with Ground Force, Cash in the Attic, Animal Squad, History Channel, etc. Actually I prefer non-fic TV way above dramas, comedies, etc. because you don't have to "follow" it, you can just watch and go. The last series I tried to follow was Enterprise but having to tune it at a specific time every week was too hard for me so I've lost touch with it. I am a VERY lazy TV viewer.
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Did I say something

It never fails. I'm on several SF/Fantasy book mailing lists/groups and I swear, no matter how active the lists are and how much they can gabber on about stuff, as soon as *I* post something in them, about a book I've read, an author, etc., everybody quits talking for like a week. Or I get completely ignored. It's very odd because when I reply to others' topics, I get responses, but if I put a topic forward myself, it's like I never said anything. It's also weird because I'm not bringing up topics that are OT or "far out" or anything, and I'm not being bossy or strident either. I'm talking about something I would *think* would be right up everybody's alley. *Puzzled*
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Try It, You May Like It

Caleb, who grew up in Vermont, passed this article on to me, from today's Burlington Free Press

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Which reminds me: I reallllly need to go up to Vermont & Albany again. Vermont, to see the prettiness and visit Caleb's family, Albany so I can once again scope out my dreams of moving there.
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...could've made a real weird play out of these quizzes. And for character names, those ones from the spam email I get would do nicely!

What sort of spoon are YOU? by Elfbert
Eye colour
You are:bizarre
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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4 More Years... of Bad Exchange Rates?!

I travel to Europe pretty frequently and during the past two years, over which I've made 5 trips (2 to Germany, 3 to England) I have watched the value of the dollar falling like a ROCK. Well, today's currency market shows more of the saaaame. It's a very good thing my trips usually don't have a lot of expenses, since I stay with friends and also get a lot of free meals! My "discretionary" spending on stuff like clothes and Boots products also isn't too high, although certainly I don't get any bargains given prices in the U.K. coupled with the exchange rate. I swear, by the time I make it to Germany next month, I won't have to do any math when I spend, as it will be 1=1 almost.

As Caleb has pointed out to me, actually 1=1 would be GOOD rate. So I guess is I were to redo the last sentence, it would be to say that by Demember I might be able to just take EUR figures and multiple by 2/3 to figure the $ amount. So my very bad math skills tell me anyway ;)
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My geek buttons are pushed

You know that a) you are creating some strange biology and b) you are just plain weird when you create a reproductive organ called the Vestibule... and you think, "Wow, that is such a cool term!" Yeah, cool for geeks who enjoy making up fictional reproductive biology maybe...

BTW, I am once again working on my novel, so heads up -- expect lots of little notes which share tidbits of what I am working on.
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