November 9th, 2004

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Morning dreams

Leading up to the time change and ever since the time change, I seem to be waking up 1-2 hours before my actual wake-up time. The thing is, I don't actually wake up, but I guess wake up once initially, then (briefly) wake up about 10 more times, while meanwhile I roll around, usually in weird positions b/c I desperately don't want to wake up, around having crazzzzzzzzzy dreams.

It's sort of like my brain says, "Hey, this sunlight is making it hard to sleep, so how about if we watch a movie?"

The stuff I see every morning is like major fever dream stuff -- I'm reading books, there are weird computer programs, strange storylines involving underground malls, elements of the manuscripts I'm editing, strange biology, people I know being weirder than usual, etc. Bit of a kaleidoscope really. Sometimes during the brief awake periods I'll think about what I'm dreaming and if I'm enjoying it, I'll tell myself to go back and dream about it more.

The whole time I'm dreaming and rolling around, I keep wondering what time it is. It always seems like it should be time to get up, but then when I do check the clock, it isn't. Eventually I just give into the dreams. Then 10 seconds before my alarm goes off, I wake up once again, and when the alarm goes off, I shut it off instantly.
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My Favorite Fruit

Well, one reason to celebrate:

Pomegranates are in season. I'm having one right now at work. True, they are realllly messy, but I love them. I have 2 more at home. Every fruitseller has them right now!
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Too old for kids

I'm rarely psychic, but last night while taking a bath I started thinking about what age my grandparents and parents had kids. My grandparents were all in their 30s when they had their kids, while parents started early (my mom was 23 when my oldest sister was born) and finished late (mom was almost 40 when I was born).

So I get out of the tub and a while later, I hear about this 57-year-old woman who was expected to give birth to twins. And today she did.

That is NOT smart! I don't care how good a mom you are, I really think it's f*cking cruel to have a kid when by the time they grow up, you'll either be very aged or DEAD. My mom was 40 when I was born and far as I see it, that is pushing it. I think 45 is about the limit, and then only if you are really healthy so that a) your pregnancy is healthy and b) you have a good chance of being around for the next 20 year and be in good shape. My parents were always old and yes, there were advantages to that I wouldn't trade for anything, but still, imagine being 12 and having parents who most often were found on the couch asleep or sorting out their pills, mom going through menopause when you'd too young to figure it out, etc. This woman will be like 75 when he kids turn 18.

Far be it for me to bash somebody's their personal choice, but this sort of thing of 50-something women having kids annoys me. It's not that I hate the kids, but I feel sorry for them. Yeah, you can argue age doesn't matter, but I think you really need a certain amount of health and energy to raise kids. It's true lots of grandparents are now raising their grandkids, but that's usually due to an emergency with the parents, not because they made the choice to. Arrgh.
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