November 11th, 2004

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Veteran's Day

I remember in 4th or 5th grade, we did a lesson in school about Veteran's Day. One of our assignments was to ask our parents about what veterans we had in the family. I went to my mom and was told that no, nobody in our family had ever been in the military. I was sort of disappointed.

Later I learned that in fact, my mother's father Franz was a soldier in the German army in WWI. He was drafted when he was 16. I have a picture of him and his unit and they all look high school age. During the course of the war, he had the misfortune to get hit with some chroline gas or whatever it was. After that he was discharged and went home to Bremerhaven, which had sustained major war damage. In the early 20s he and his brother Karl joined the merchant marine and after some time in service, they jumped ship and took up living in New York. Afterward he would of course never tell anybody (except other Germans) he had been in the Kaiser's army. This stricture was impressed on my mom so often she wouldn't tell me for my assignment decades later!

Men in my father's side of the family were never drafted b/c they were always the wrong age at the time. My grandfather Raymond was too yound for WWI and too old for WWII. During WWII he worked on the building and retrofitting of war ships at the docks at City Island. During this work his elbow was crushed; after begging doctors not to amputate the arm (since all his work was with his hands) he was able to get a new metal elbow, which never completely worked but at least he had an arm. My dad and his brother were too young for WWII or Korea.
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Private Ryan not getting saved today

We move further along into the ridiculous:

TV stations have pulled Saving Private Ryan off their list for today because showing the movie could FCC fines! Story here.

I dunno. Why do I feel FCC would have been OK with that, but not if the movie showed 1/2 second of tit?
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This is a test

Where the hell is my icon?!

I can't figure out if the server serving it is down or what. I am iconless!

P.S. If you don't see my icon, then this post if relevant.
P.P.S. If my icon is there... well, that's a good thing.
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Icon Is Back?

Thanks to yakalskovich I think I found my icon, or at least why it was missing.

Let me test this.


Yay! It worked. And now to celebrate, I offer the lyrics from a songI unfortunately recall...

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I have a tape of him doing this song live and I also saw him on SNL. Made my JAW drop. It's like, OK, obviously I do in fact enjoy Paul McCartney (else why would I care?) but eeeeeeeeek, this is rather drek-ful. (On a related note, some poll in England just voted "Ob-la-di-ob-la-da," a Paul song, as worst song ever. Go figure.)
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