November 12th, 2004



Caleb called today saying he has a plan to use his expiring Delta SkyMiles, plus mine. The idea is we pool our miles together and we'll be able to go to pretty much anyplace in the continental U.S. or Canada. It would be a weekend trip. He suggested Seattle, but I have a freakish determination not to go west. Then he said Toronto. I said Montreal. He was intrigued. Hmmm. That would be good... nice weekened trip, can do Christmas shopping someplace new and exciting. We'd go to Chicago but Caleb was already there for a week earlier this year. I'd also love to go to New York (like duh!) but unfortunately while the airfare would be free, accommodations are not. I hope we go to Canada personally. He'll chase me down on the subject soon I would guess.
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TMI from my mom

My mom emails us kids saying how she and dad moved the coal stove out of the living room and outside. If I didn't know my mom, I'd say she was crying out for help because what the HELL are they doing, moving a freakin' IRON stove themselves? We got that stove in the early 80s when my dad concluded electric heat was for the birds. We used it to heat the house for years but recently my dad's health has made it hard for him to keep it properly, and he's freezing due to circulation problems. so they are back using electric. He moved it in himself, probably with help from my brother. But he was a lot younger then! Mom says he fell during the course of it, slipping on a rug. At least they are calling somebody to pick it up and dispose/sell it.

One reason I moved away from home is because I really didn't want to fall into the inevitable youngest child role of caretaker / watchkeeper, which I figure my 4 other siblings can handle, but it doesn't stop me worrying.
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