November 13th, 2004

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Pooped out from laaaaaaaate night out at the Cruxshadows concert. Details later.

Went up to Buckhead yesterday evening, before concert, wound up getting a ton of food goodies. My God... Details later. (See above. I am pooped.)

Made a little pen for Abbie here in the office. She is currently hiding under a piece of purple tissue paper I put in there for her. She looked so nervous without any cover. I can tell from the movement of the purpleness she is snarfing down the carrots I put there :)

Thought: For freakin' WEEKS there has been daily headline coverage of the Peterson case. WTF? I really have zero interest in one particular murder trial, when there are thousands of them all over the country. Stupid high-profile media circuses. About the only interest I have in the case is the whole murder-of-unborn-baby issue. But otherwise... *shrugs*

And I see Cheney is being checked out for heart trouble? Um, interesting, is all I will say. Detail laters, I guess?
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