November 16th, 2004

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Karma Chameleon

OK, so I came back to GTRI because the woman who replaced me last year got a job offer with Cingular and left. She had been working 30 hrs. a week and without her they had an emergency -- they needed somebody to do all the webmaster and web designer duties 'til they could hire a full-time replacement. Well, after two months they've found a replacement: The woman I just replaced, who replaced me! Musical webmasters, I swear! She starts Dec. 1. I will probably wind up still working here a bit at least through December, but then I'll be gone again. This is actually exactly what I wanted -- I never wanted to be here into next year, and made that clear -- but I think it's funny the same woman is coming back. I guess the full-time pay & benefits we offered her were better than Cingular. The main reason she left in the first place was she was on plain straight time with no benefits. And now she'll be back and I can get back to Metro Girl.
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Excuse me while I scream!

My boss, leaving the office, decided to lay some guilt/pressure on me re this project that is digging into me like a thorn. When the parting words of a converation are "...and he said if we don't do this, we'll lose a million dollar contract" you know you're in trouble :(

Quick summary:

Last year, while I was still working here, I was called in by some GTRI higher ups to discuss doing a web site for a special program we have here called DenTEC, that does dental technology work.

I passed the project on to Shelley, who at the time was getting ready to replace me but needed work to do. She designed a web site for them, pending content. The site is really nice, with a template taken from a the new standard Georgia Tech template.

I leave, months pass, and Shelley is waiting on this content. Finally in September she gets a huge file sent to her, content prepared by some consultant DenTEC hired. She promptly copies all the content into the web site she made.

I return and Shelley tells me that the site is done... the only problem being that Georgia Tech now is using a new template, which DenTEC might want use to use.

So we ask DenTEC what they want and to my chagrin, they say they want the "new look." Since I am still working on redoing GTRI's web site in that look, my feeling is that we should table DenTEC until the other site is done.

But no! DenTEC's head guy insists it has to go in the new format -- RIGHT AWAY. I point out to him that the old format has all the NEW content and is perfectly fine. Since I am one person, and part time, it would seem logical to go with a short solution of putting up the design we have and then LATER replacing it.

But no! Now the head guy is badmouthing us, saying he's going to lose all these contracts because of us. My attitude is, the guy takes 10 months to get us his content, then expects us to pop out a web site like we're baking some chocolate chip cookies? It's not SMALL web site either, not "brochure-ware," but a whole friggin' site. And even if I have templates or another site I can just copy and adapt, it takes TIME. And when I'm using that time, I'm not doing OTHER thing.

Argh. I will be glad to get the hell out of here once December comes.
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Scratching that geek itch

When I was a kid I used to read almanacs, encylopedias, atlases and other geeky reference books. I used to get almanacs as birthday and Christmas presents and I think I still have the 1993 World Alamanac my friend Lena gave me my senior year of high school.

Anyway, I definitely think this past behavior fits in perfectly well with my new hobby of Wikipedia surfing. I swear, not only do I have Wikipedia in my Firefox "toolbar" for easy access, and not only do I visit at a minimum once a day(to check the daily feature!), but often I will just sit here following links and running searches on everything I ever wondered about, every old fixation I ever had, etc. It's sort of like general web surfing, except in a more controlled environment.

It's amazing to me how many things I've learned or rememebered by going through Wikipedia. Often I will have "Wiki moments" where I either go "No waaaaaaaaay!" or I crack up because I've gone and looked up a topic I used to know really well and have gone down memory lane.

Tonight I had an extended surfing experience, during which I:
  • Learned that Hellen Keller was a committed Socialist and a co-founder of the ACLU
  • Learned/remembered that Louise Braille came up with Braille when he was only 15
  • Got reallllly depressed reading about David Vetter (the "Bubble Boy" who died in 1984) -- and read a super depressing Houston Press article about his real life, which his family hid
  • Cracked up reading about Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man to serve in the Revotionary War. For a 5th grade biography project where we all had to dress up as a famous person whose bio we had read, I came in as Deborah Sampson, only wearing modern Army gear instead of Revolutionary, b/c it was "symbolic." I was so butch, LOL, talking about shooting the British and stuff.

My brain is so happy now...
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