November 17th, 2004


Cruxshadows Show

I meant to write about the awesome Cruxshadows show I went to Friday night with atomicfunkboy and Paul Cashman, but after I wound up not going to bed 'til 4:30 a.m., I was kind of too tired all weekend to actually do so! (3 pics included, courtesy of Paul.)

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Yet ANOTHER reason I would never, ever, EVER want to be in high school these days (unless the option was a concentration camp or being stranded in the middle of an African famine):

In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye
NY Times must register, I think

Although I was "well behaved" and an A-student throughout high school and enjoyed the academic part of school, I positively LOATHED and seethed in anger at the way students were treated like prisoners and stripped of civil liberties. Even thinking about it now, I get that boiling blood feeling, because they would talk to us about being responsible adults and teach us about the Constitution and be "nice," and yet basically we were all stuck in a prison environment. And this was lonnnnng before any of the 10,000 forms of bullshit CURRENT schools have. God, there must be some seriously angry and degraded feeling high school kids out there... not to mention the majority, who are basically being acclimated as a freedom-less controlled state being "the norm."

I think a good reason not to have kids is so I don't put them through this torture. (High school and life in general.)
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This takes maturity

Gotta love when a serious movie critic* finds himself reviewing teen sex comedies, sequels of horror movies, etc., especially when he does it with such good humor.

Seed of Chucky
reviewed by Roger Ebert

Midway through "Seed of Chucky," Jennifer Tilly complains: "I'm an Oscar nominee, and now I'm f------ a puppet!" Yeah, and I'm a Pulitzer winner, and I was being f----- by a puppet movie.

He he. While he only gives it 2 stars, actually Ebert admits that he liked about half of it (including I guess the concept of a Glen or Glenda doll.)

* Just edited that... first time I posted it as "serious movie critter."
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Thinking out loud

Been working on finishing up and launching a new web site all day. It would have been done by now except this morning I got socked by 3-4 different clients who needed immediate updates and/or otherwise decided to complicate my life. It's like the more I genuinely want and need to get something done, the more likely it is that my phone will ring.

The other big delay was this afternoon, when I had to add in the nifty pull-out menus my client decided she wanted but which DAMN! Macromedia does not make easy to do. I would think by now with DW MX 2004 (excuse muse technoranting) they would have a doohicky so you can create those menus within the program, but for some reason that's in the graphics program, Fireworks, and I had to do it there, then export it, then copy the code over to real pages and adapt it, and trouble shoot... I tried to see if there were Extensions for it but Macromedia Exchange was really badly organized and all the menus I wanted cost money. It would have been great if I could just be inside DW still, click on a nav button and say "Gimme a sub-menu." But no....

Wait wait wait...

In fact I think I JUST realized something.

*head hits desk*

Dreamweaver DOES let you do that. Figures. As I was typing out my complaints, as usual my brain kicked in and remembered that at one point during the 3-4 hours or so it took me to accomplish my goal, I had actually found the menu. By then I was already 3/4 done my work though.

Lesson learned.
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