November 19th, 2004

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Scare tactics

Ummmm, I don't know, but it seems like wanting jail time for folks with overdue library books is a bit extreme.

At the library where I worked, we didn't HAVE overdue fines, because it was determined that people would be so afraid of fines they wouldn't return stuff, whereas if they could do it without a fine (but with an admonition of "Don't do that") they would in fact return stuff more readily.
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ice cream


I got what I consider a fab compliment today from the nurse at the allergic clinic. This particular nurse is always saying things about my jewelry, but today I got: "My, looks like you got dressed up for me! What a treat. That's just lovely. You always look so great, like you're going out for a date!" An ironic comment really, but pretty on target.

And no, don't say the nurse is flirting with me since she has white hair and I think like 10 grandkids. She just loves my clothes, as I notice a lot of older women do, for whatever reason.
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I am NOT going to feel sorry for myself today. Not when there are reports out like this one:

US accused of ‘torture flights’
The Sunday Times - World

...Analysis of the plane’s flight plans, covering more than two years, shows that it always departs from Washington DC. It has flown to 49 destinations outside America, including the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba and other US military bases, as well as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Afghanistan, Libya and Uzbekistan...

...Witnesses described seeing the prisoners handed to US agents whose faces were masked by hoods. The clothes of the handcuffed prisoners were cut off and they were dressed in nappies covered by orange overalls before being forcibly given sedatives by suppository...

This just totally blows my mind. So far this is the only report I have seen and I only found it b/c the link was on AlterNet. It's one of those things that I read and think "That can't possibly be true... It's way too X-File-ish and besides, the media has published false reports before, right?" But then, ya know, much of what's in the news is hard to believe these days, so I guess I'll wait and see.

I'm going to go clean up my pigs' cages now, lest I inflict cruelty on them.

Goodbye natural color, see you in another 10 years...

The hairstylist from the salon downstairs, who I was kind of but not sure was hitting on me at the building party last month, came up to me tonight at the art gallery sale and INSISTED/BEGGED/PLEADED with me to let her cut and color my hair. She is DYING to DYE me (and Caleb said, watching her, DO me), apparently. She wants me to bring in all my dye kits tomorrow to come up with a "plan of action" :) I think I want her to use the duo-tone kit I bought at Boots this summer and also have her "roughen" my hair more. Then maybe just before Christmas I'll have her do red highlights. And then there are like 5 plans after that.
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I think I must be on a hormonally influenced food binge lately. In the past 24 hours or so, the self-indulgent / decadent foods I've enjoyed include:

double dark chocolate ice cream sundae
fancy pasta with sausage & sauce
yogurt & berry mix
salty licorice
apple pastry
dark belgian chocolate
pomegranate juice
1/2 loaf challah bread
2 glasses wine
1 dose of amaretto, chilled
1 dose of razmattaz, chilled
medium-size pomegranate
clove gum

The only "blah" thing I've had was the Grape Nuts I had for breadfast. Otherwise I seem to be all about TASTE!
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