November 20th, 2004

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Had a morning dream today that I was in Paris and not only was it ugly, but nobody spoke French. WTF? In the dream I was there and kept being disappointed when I'd go somewhere expecting not to be understood and then being interrupted by people speaking either English or German at me. And then the friends we were staying with refused to ride the Metro. *scratches head*
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Following dadi...

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.

My journal is called Wiebke's World because that was the name of the cable access TV show I produced and starred in when I was in high school. It was a cross between "Wayne's World" and "Sprockets." My first-ever web site, at UMass, was also called "Wiebke's World" and featured wacky backgrounds, a "Dairy Links" page and lots of pictures of Bjork.

My journal doesn't have a subtitle b/c the title was enough.

My friends page is called Wiebke's Friends' Worlds because I guess there are times when I'm not too original.

My username is wiebke because that's been my nickname for 15 years (getting really "stuck" to me b/c of the TV show).

My default userpic (at the moment) is a B&W pic of me as "Super Goth" because I really like the picture (reminds me of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!)
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Mitt liv som hund... and other films

Decided to take a rest in front of the TV after my haircut and caught one of my favorite movies from childhood, My Life As a Dog (1985, Sweden, directed by Lasse Hallström).

Thinking about the fact I watched this over and over when I was 12-14 (even paying for the video rental several times), I think I must have been pretty morbid! I still love the movie though; it makes me ache and even made me cry today several times.

In the past I've read reviews of it saying "Oh, jeez, another slow-moving pretentious Swedish movie..." They poo poo the narrator and say things like "What that kid really need was some time in a mental ward, maybe some electroshock therapy." Jeez. I think the people who say that have zero patience for movies which are more inward-looking -- not about action, but about interaction.

I have always related strongly to the narrator of the story, poor Ingemar, who's a social outsider and doesn't seem to ever have the same reactions to things as other people. For example, despite all the wrenching emotional stuff he's put through, he never cries, and then there's also the way he keeps encountering nude women and "sexual" situations but is too young, or two naive, to really react to them. Unlike myself, Ingemar is shy and doesn't talk a lot, instead taking everything in silently, but I like that about him; the acting job that boy did is outstanding.

I am also really impressed by the way the movie drives home the point of adults constantly trying to shield kids from things like sickness and death, lying to them until (as with Ingemar's mother) it's too late. There's this one bit in the movie where Ingemar visits his mom in the hospital and asks her what she wants for Christmas. She knows she's going to be dead by then, so she tells him to think of something himself. He decides to get her a toaster and starts asking his older brother what kind to get. He keeps pestering him until finally his brother shouts "She's going to die!" Which is what nobody will tell the boy. It just seems so real to me.

Yikes, do I love angst. Maybe I should go rent Pele the Conqueror, another Swedish movie, with Max von Sydow. I remember watching that too around the same age and that is sad as hell. Another movie from that time period, which is funny and also about childhood, is John Boorman's Hope and Glory. I went on a kick of watching lots of foreign movies when I was around 12.

Weird trivia I just discovered re the director of My Life As a Dog: Lasse Hallström was the director of all ABBA's videos! LOL. And trust me, they are NOTHING like that movie! How bizarre!
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Hair ye, hair ye!

Oh! I got a wicked cool dye job today from the stylist downstairs, Cylinne. Funky hair!

If anybody has ever seen that style where people have dark hair and have light-colored leopard patterns dyed in, it kind of looks like that, although it's more like I've got bird feather patterns of dark brown and two shades of blond. Cylinne used one of those dying caps and pulled bunches of my hair through, then painted on the dye from the special kit I bought in England. Half of it she did light blond, the other half a honey color, and then when she took it off, rinsed it and dried it, it was just awesome! She also gave me a trim. Altogether, it took 2 1/2 hours, but it was totally worth it. And it was realllly cheap (though I added on a $15 tip). Next time I need a fancy dye job, I will go to her again for sure.

BTW, I would post pictures, since I took them, but my computer is telling me my Flashcard is corrupt. Grrr. I guess I may have to replace it. It's going to cost a bit since it's a 128 MB card. Oh, well. business expense, right?
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