November 24th, 2004

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As a storm pounds on my window...

It's raining and the day before Thanksgiving and I'm strongly tempted not to bother getting dressed. But I will, because the only time I don't get dressed is when I'm really sick. *Yawn!* I overslept too. Probably the only thing I will accomplish today is a few web edits on various sites, checking through a MS, and (hopefully) cleaning up my office and kitchen. That doesn't sound tooooo ambitious.
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ice cream


I am happy to report that

are really good.

And yes I am having them with tea.
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Freaky, in a good way

Well, gave into temptation last week and now I'm the happy owner of a just-received copy of:

Theremins are so weird. This recording is all classical, duets with a theremin and a piano. Theremin sounds like a hybrid of a violin and a human voice. Sometimes it sounds totally like a violin (maybe playing underwater) and sometimes it sounds like a super-controlled soprano.
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Hail Tom!

Every time I do an update of my friend/client Tom's web site, I have to post links b/c, frankly, the man is a mechanical genius. I find myself flabbergasted!

Here are links to the best of the latest pieces he's had me post, complete with pictures, close-ups, construction pics, and -- best of all -- movies!

Time Machine
The mechanisms on this are amazing!

Young Love
This one is so cute!

On Our Voyage
Wonderful wave action and the mechanism is ingenious!

All this, and Tom is really nice and pays on time!
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