November 26th, 2004

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Happy Thanksgiving

Had a very nice Thanksgiving day, afternoon, and evening :)

Slept late, 'til 10, and had a nice and restful few hours where I didn't work too hard but took care of some things like editing and even tackling the disgusting mess that was my kitchen sink. Finally around 12:30 or so I was ready to cook the few things I was making for the neighborhood Thanksgiving: fresh cranberry sauce (the easiest thing ever!), cranberry scones (from a really great mix!) and a new thing I'd never made before, beet-horseradish salad, which turned out yum-yum good.

Caleb, Daniel and I reported to the Metropolitan around 4:30 to join the gang at Tony & Maria's. By the time dinner was ready it was 5:30 and there were around 25 people in attenance. We had so much great food! Tony, as usual, prepared an excellent turkey and, also as usual, I made a complete spectacle of myself by eating an extremely large turkey leg and smearing turkey grease and (my own) lipstick all over my face ;) Other yummies people had brought included a couple kinds of mashed potatoes, stuffing (or "dressing," as they say here), salad, deviled eggs, quite a few nice appetizers and some oddball casseroles. To my surprise, a lot of people ate my beet & horseradish dish and of course all the cranberry sauce. Later when my stomach settled I had desert, include two servings of tiramisu (shame, shame on me!) and pumpkin pie. Plus I drank about 4 glasses of cranberry sauce (so I guess I won't get a urinary tract infection, LOL) and a Coke-vanilla Absolut cocktail.

As usual for this annual gathering, I wound up meeting new people and we played some games and got really silly. Caleb and I spent a long time talking to this artist John who lives in the building and was wearing the exact same H&M shirt as Caleb. Daniel talked to John's boyfriend, an actor, about opera and drama. Later I found Daniel and Caleb playing a crazy game and I sat with them as they played and enjoyed just watching. At one point I also called my mom, who was busy cleaning the house b/c apparently all my family is getting together tomorrow. We all had so much fun socializing and eating we were there until 9:30!

After all that, we went back to Caleb's for a pre-scheduled tree-trimming event. Caleb hauled out the 5-ft. (extremely) artificial Christmas tree his grandmother sent up 7 years ago and we put it together in all its glory. Daniel and Caleb did the lights and garland, while I had fun putting on all the ornaments. Then Caleb lit it up and it was all pretty. I also set up the weird plastic manger set he has, with the black-faced (as in black, not brown) shepherd. Caleb put on the Christmas CD Daniel made for him a couple of years ago, and we all wound up cuddling on the couch, drinking tea, eating freshly-baked biscotti, listening to other nostaligc music, then looking at old photo albums. (This is turn has made me once again think that I must lose weight, b/c I saw how awfully much thinner I was... hard to realize until you see yourself and think, "Oh, that's what 160 looks like!" LOL.)

Anyway, I got home around 1/2 hour ago and feel very sated and happy with the whole day. Yay!

P.S. The theremin album I got is really good!
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The X Factor

Boy, Bill O'Reilly must have had an off day or something... Today's Atlanta paper ran an editorial he did on Dan Rather and the media culture of guilty-until-proven-innocent, and I actually agreed with him! WTF?! I was like, "O'Reilly wrote this? Hmmm. That IS his face next to the column but..."

I would post a link to it except the Atlanta paper's web site doesn't post syndicated columnists. I'm sure it's been carried by lots of other newspapers though.


In other political news, very interersting fact appeared in the Atlanta paper's headline today:

President Bush's plan for "revenue-neutral" tax reform needs losers to balance its winners, and people who take the federal deduction for state and local taxes may be in administration planners' sights, news reports say.

That could leave the so-called blue states seeing red...

Eight of the 10 states with the most revenue in 2000 voted for Kerry: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey and Maryland. Only Ohio and North Carolina favored Bush.

Huh. If I had a political science or economics degree I might be able to do something with this fact but for now I'm just like, "Hmmm, that's pretty peculiar!"
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There's more than one

If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal.
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So I had a manuscript to edit -- final edit type of deal. Over the past few days I'd been working on in, but then today since I had the time, I pushed myself to spend all day working on it. Now that it's over, I felt like going and see just how long it was; the book was divided into three files, so I had never checked.

Well, turns out it was 162,000 words!

I think I'm sort of glad I didn't do this count in advance or I'd have been more intimidated. Yikes. ('Course it's not quite as bad as when I read through the entire Dream and a Lie manuscript and discovered it was 350,000 words. In that case, it was decided the book would be a trilogy!) And wheeeee, am I glad it's done. Now I can fry other fish...
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So b/c I like to tantalize myself with what I can't have, I am searching the adoptable cats on Petfinder. Lots of cuties to look at, but of course I look at odd ones too like...

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Someday, when minimum conditions are no vulnerable animals in the house (birds, guinea pigs) I'll get a kitty. Most important to me is a mellow personality. All my pets for the past few years have been babies that turned totally neurotic so an older animal with an established mellow personality, who likes to be rubbed a lot, would be best really.
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