November 28th, 2004

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Catholic church collapsing in Massachusetts

So I read the weekly paper of my hometown (Andover, Mass.) just about every week and every now and then, I go "Whaaaaaaaaat?"

Like today, when I found this story about this dedicated, long-time member of St. Augustine's church (very large Catholic congregation) who was basically banned from the church for writing a letter to the local paper supporting gay marriage. What really sickens me is that nobody even told her this to her face, it was like one day the church wouldn't talk to her anymore!

Another Turned Away

Meanwhile in a story reported last week, this very same church banned local State Rep. Barbara L'Italien from church work (and taking communion I believe) for being pro-choice. The congregation size has already suffered a lot due to the priest-child sex scandals in the area (many people stopped going, or took their kids out, and haven't come back), so I suspect within a year there will be be about 10 people left, once everyody but the "pure" are left...

P.S. Andover is pretty heavily Catholic but at the same time heavily liberal Democratic, i.e. full of people who are pretty conflicted at times.
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I really think Dubya's "Plan for America" should be called "Run Us Into The Ground."

Bush's Social Security Plan Is Said to Require Vast Borrowing
Published: November 28, 2004
NY Times

WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 - The White House and Republicans in Congress are all but certain to embrace large-scale government borrowing to help finance President Bush's plan to create personal investment accounts in Social Security, according to administration officials, members of Congress and independent analysts.

The White House says it has made no decisions about how to pay for establishing the accounts, and among Republicans on Capitol Hill there are divergent opinions about how much borrowing would be prudent at a time when the government is running large budget deficits. Many Democrats say that the costs associated with setting up personal accounts just make Social Security's financial problems worse, and that the United States can scarcely afford to add to its rapidly growing national debt.

But proponents of Mr. Bush's effort to make investment accounts the centerpiece of an overhaul of the retirement system said there were no realistic alternatives to some increases in borrowing, a requirement the White House is beginning to acknowledge...etc.


Yet something else to write my/your/our congresspeople about.
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I stupidly decided to check my GTRI email just now and *sigh* got some bad news.

The woman I replaced is NOT coming back after all. She had been set to come back on a FT basis with a GT contract starting Dec. 1. I was going to stay on through mid-December just to "transition" her back into the current work, but then I was going to just gooooooo...

But apparently something has come up and although she had said yes, she is now saying there is "some issue with her family" that is preventing her from leaving her job at Cingular and coming back. I wonder if it's insurance or something.

I dunno, but I am rather annoyed, as it means I will be staying on until we find somebody else. I know they got resumes from several folks but naturally this woman was the top pick, as we wouldn't have to train her to start up. Now I'll probably be there at least through January, even if we get another person right away, just because I'll have to train/explain.

Can you tell I'd rather be working for MYSELF full-time?
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World Destruction

Warning: Not a good post to read if you're in an up mood.

I just read the Atlanta paper and it really put me in a funk. Not because there was any big difference between today's news and the usual, but because it was really just all the same and all so depressing.

People often say things like "I want to live to be 100," but I've never wanted that, even as a kid, because I've never had much of a positive outlook on the future. I've always thought the future would just mean things getting sort of... worse.

Anyway, after seeing stories on Bhopal victims, oil spills, poisoned water, antibacterial soap, prescription drugs, prisons, air polution, golobal warming, Bush budget idiocy, fuel supplies, Christmas shopping, and piles of other crap, I just have this sinking feeling that after all that people have done to this earth (primarily in the 20th century) and all the systems and beliefs that exist, seemingly set in cement and unchangeable, that as a planet we are pretty much doomed to watched ourselves be hanged, in a kind of mass suicide.

Yes, I know people are making efforts all around to change things, whether it's scientific research on alternative fuels or trying to mediate wars or growing organic food, but it all seems like nothing against the majority forces -- war, power-grabbing, racism, poluting corporations, bad consumer habits, plastic, genetic engineering, etc. I am a progressive person and normally I do believe that change can start small, that memes can start with a few and eventually reach the higher levels, and than consciousness can change, but the hole seems SO deep to me right now.

F*ck, I so do not want to do anything or be anything today. Existential depressional here I come.
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A Rare Moment

Well, yesterday Caleb had a camera and managed to catch a rare moment, where not only are Daniel and I getting along, but neither of us are making funny faces, plus I'm not looking fat!

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The gloves are off!

I have a very, VERY hard time watching political talk shows like "Meet the Press, "Crossfire," etc. -- plus I don't get local network channels -- but in any case I am sorry I missed "Meet the Press" today! As reported in the NY Times, guests were Jerry Falwell (founder of the Moral Majority), Al Sharpton (minister-politician), Jim Wallis, (editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine), and Richard Land (from the Southern Baptist Convention).

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OMG, I would love to see a 5-hour episode of this show where these guys were all LOCKED IN A ROOM together...
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