November 29th, 2004

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*blinks eyes bleerily*

I was having a great dream and then a telemarketer called me. Actually this isn't a typical thing since I actually don't get many telemarketer calls, considering I'm home all day long.

Anyway, really wish I'd been able to finish the dream, since now bits of it are all scattered. I know it involved putting together the set to do a stop-action Gumby-esque movie of "Calvin and Hobbes." I was just positioning Calvin on a sled when the phone range. Meanwhile there was also some crazy feast I was preparing for, and some Germans were fussing over a fruit salad.

Got to take a shower and shake myself out of this.
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French heaven

So a new French cafe, Les Fleur de Lis, just opened like right under me, five floors down. I gave it a test ride this morning. Oh. My. God. The food is so sinfully delicious. I had coffee and a fruit crepe that was to die for -- two crepes with warm strawberries and blackberries in syrup with cream. People really need to be careful about putting places like that inside my building, because I am going to have to sample every item on the menu. Maybe I can control myself and only get one breakfast and one lunch a week? Meanwhile I have brought some kind of almond treat home as a late afternoon treat. *Swoons*
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Visual Puns

Got a new CompactFlash card for my camera today and I think it was designed by somebody with a sense of humor and punnage -- the case is translucent purple, round, and pops open just like a makeup compact! So it's a "compact" flash case. Oh dear. Cute though!
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Next, I'll have flying pens!

I think I have mentioned that my office here at home is haunted, right?

There were some incidents a few months ago, like my Poe doll falling over violently for no reason.

Well, tonight I had another little scare, when I was on the phone with Caleb, just sitting here talking, and suddenly the chain on the 30s desk lamp clanged LOUDLY a couple of times on the brass urn I have, and was going around in circles. Since I hadn't kicked the table, used any wild hand gestures, and nothing fell from the ceiling, I nearly jumped out of my chair. I also felt like the right side of my body got cold all of a sudden.. Brrr!

BTW, one reason I and Caleb are so quick to say this place is haunted is that somebody died within a few feet of here, during the construction of the fire staircase. A construction worker fell about five stories down the hole and died on the other side of the wall from here.
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