December 1st, 2004

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I was so tired I couldn't finish my coffee before it got cold; the cup was so heavy and every time I put it down, I'd forget it was there next to me ;) Now I'm too tired to get up to reheat it. OK, yes, I am lazy. But tired too! Bah. Caleb assured me waking up earlier would be good for me and I'd be sooooo much more productive. Humbug. I will say, I'm not terribly behind or anything -- I just paid myself and did my invoices for monthly clients -- but definitely being up early is not for me.
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sideview, obamame_sideview

While the pigs stuff themselves with parsley

One of the fun things about my guinea pigs is the way they remind me of so many other things.

Abbie reminds me of:
- a hand puppet
- a Muppet
- a stuffed animal
- a fuzzy loaf of bread (like maybe zucchini bread)
- a Tribble
- a long-haired cow
- a chicken
- a cartoon animal (probably from a Japanese cartoon)
- one of those fuzzy pencil ends like kids had in 2nd grade
- myself

I think "furry hand puppet" is probably the most apt comparison. She expressions she makes are so comical, it's hard to believe they're real.

Meanwhile, YinYang reminds me of:

- a fat rat
- a brown & black panda bear
- a bear
- a pig

YY is much less cartoonish and more rodent. Her greed and her craftiness detract from her cuteness really. It's the fact that Abbie is not only cute but guilelessly innocent and dumb looking that make her so cute.
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Atlanta Story: Some Things Are Cheap

It seems to me it's been a long time since I told an "Atlanta story," and knowing how much some people enjoy them (I had one person say they wanted to move here, kind of scary!), I'm going to offer one from today, complete with some pictures and scans even.

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