December 2nd, 2004

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Passive Agressive Confusion

It's weird. With most people, I am flexible, agreeable, amenable, and I'll bend over backwards, forwards and sideways to help. I'm a "Yes-woman" because most of the time, it doesn't hurt to be nice, and often it helps. I'll hold my tongue when somebody gets a little fact wrong or is being unreasonable, because hey, I know the person isn't being malicious, so why not let it go?

On the other hand, there is a certain percentage of people who set me OFF. It's like I just want to argue with whatever they say! They push my "button" that sets me on "STUBBORN BITCH." Caleb is *particularly* good at trigering this reflex, but so are a few others. I think the common element is that I can't stand anybody who is truly dominating or challenging me in a confrontational way. I can be challenged in a non-confrontational way and I can deal with people being "better" with me, but I can't stand being strong-armed.

Example: Caleb will come over to me and say, "Open you mouth." I won't do it. He demands again. I back away. He says he's got something for me to eat. No way. I'll say, "Just show me what you have and I'll see if I want it." He insists we have to play a game and that by not eating something sight unseen, I don't trust him. The more he insists on this, the deeper I dig my heels. He ends up shoving something into my mouth and even if it's French chocolate truffle I HATE it!

Tone of voice, or writing, has a lot to do with this reflex as well. Probably because it doesn't happen very often, my hackles go up any time somebody corrects me with a tinge of "I am better than you." I'm sure most of the time this is only in my own HEAD and they are just correcting me, but my brain goes off with "Alert! You're being punk'd!"

I think I am really passive-agresssive :>(

I was thinking about it and I think I get these "tendencies" not from my mother, but my father, who gets SO snippy under certain circumstances and he is stubborn as a brick. My mom... I don't know if I've even seen her be snippy with ANYONE and she's accommodating as hell.
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Wiebkes of the World

Running a Google search on Wiebke is something I don't think (*scratches head*) that I've ever done. But that meme going around has inspired me...

Wiebke is...

Wiebke Hoogklimmer
"Altistin und Musiktheaterregisseurin"
In addition to doing stage director and backstage stuff, Wiebke has studied opera and sings contralto -- has a CD even. Has short hair and tres German glasses.

Dr Wiebke Brockhaus-Grand
Dr. Wiebke... *giggles* Also has short hair.

Wiebke Morgan Gallery
An art gallery somewhere in Germany (though address is nowhere on the site). My Wiebke TV personal would probably be disappointed with it, as it's not looking very avant garde ;)

He he. This site reminds me of my first-ever personal web site (circa 1995) which was "Wiebke's World." In this case the Wiebke is a physics student in Germany. Long hang!

Wiebke S. Diestelkamp
Gee, a Wiebke who's a math professor.

Wiebke Petersen
Wiebke works at the Institut für Sprache und Information (Language and Information) at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. That sounds like a joke on my old TV show...

Etc. I think I have determined that almost any instance of the name Wiebke is going to be a German woman, likely one who works at a university or an art galery or theater.
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Wal-Mart Free Zone

Don't even get me started...

BUT at least my decision to never buy from this corporate monster is an easy one to make: There are NO Wal-Marts in Atlanta. In fact I may be one of the few Americans who has to use "Store Finder" feature on Wal-Mart's web site. The closest one is 11 miles away in Morrow, then there's one in Marietta (12 miles) and Dunwoody (also 12 miles). The only way I personally could get to any of them is to rent a car (or take a bus trip or walk from Dunwoody MARTA station, which I would not do to go buy jumk and support a company that's just wrong).

I will save my Wal-Mart rant (which I may construct with help from Caleb) for another day, but this little geographic fact pleased me, even though I know the company is pushing on the perimeters of the city in places in Avondale. Yuck.
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Think fast!

Think Fast Meme
What's on your CPU?Er... Oh, you mean my computer! Derrrr... PDA, PDA keyboard, backup disks, backup CDs, network hub, digital microphone
What's the closest thing to your left hand?A bill from my allergist
What is written on the nearest piece of paper?Nearly illegible notes having to do with updating my address book
What's under your desk?Got an HP DeskJet stashed under there
What sound can be heard in the room?My "CPU" (jeez who uses that to refer to their computer?) is groaning a lot as the nightly VirusScan runs.
What is the scent in your room?N/A
What's the last digit in your best friend's phone number?69 (tee hee!)
What are the last four digits in your childhood home's phone number? 8748 (parents' have had that # since before I was born!)
Grab the nearest book, open it and copy the first sentence you see."Why these girl's tears, Patroclus?" (hee hee)
What's out the nearest window?A beautiful brick office building built around 1890.
What color is the wall?Light yellow.
What's your earliest memory?Looking out the window in my Oma's apartment in the Bronx. (How appropriate.)

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