December 3rd, 2004

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The Mirror Cracked

I just had a great day out shopping (more on that later) and then CRASH! Running into my bedroom, I find this large antique mirror I had over the dresser has falled off the wall and shattered into six pieces. Oops! Seems to have just suddenly slipped off the nail it was hanging from.

I've had this mirror for probably 6 years, having purchased it for about $15 from the same dead-man's-sale where I got my hurricane lantern and Caleb's $25 suit. (Caleb just replaced the suit; does this mean I should be watching that hurricane lamp?)

What's sad about this isn't the mirror breaking, but that my first thought was, "Whee! Now I can go antique shopping for another mirror!" :)

I loooove mirrors. I am going to find a really nice one, probably with a carved oak frame. The last time I was home my mom offered me Oma's, which I love and is tiger oak and the same size & shape as what just fell, but I don't know how I could really ship a mirror down from Boston. (If anybody has suggestions, feel free to tell me.)
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Somebody (somebodies?) please define "crackfic" for me. I keep seeing this term in people posts about fanfic but I don't have a clue what it is. At first I thought it was when you are reading/writing fic that has no real redeeming value but is somehow irresistable, but I somehow think I must be wrong in this. Please explain.
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