December 8th, 2004

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Should've drawn a diagram beforehand...

You know you're a ditz / mechanical idiot when... take apart the shelving in your fridge to clean it...

...and it takes 15 minutes for you to figure out how it all goes back in!

But now I feel so accomplished!

How is YOUR day going?

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Rec on Software to Play Music?

I'm interested in moving to, or at least trying out, different software to play my CDs on the computer.

I mainly use Windows Media Player and tried to get away from that by using WinAmp, but I don't like WinAmp's interface at all. I know there are skins... but that doesn't change the basics that I don't like it because of all the windows there are, some issues playing my CDs, etc.

Things that annoy with with media players are ones that are bloated with advertising, media tie ins, and crap I don't need, i.e. Media Player or RealPlayer.

Another annoyance is ones like MSN that don't seem to recognize the tracks in my CDs -- and don't let me add to the CD title databases! I used to have one that did this, but I forget the name. I like contributing the titles for rare CDs and stuff.

*Another* thing I'd like is if maybe, *maybe* the same software that played my CDs could maybe also burn CDs? The software I have for burning them sucks, or at least is a pain in the butt, kind of cumbersome. There must be a better system.

So is there a cool maybe open source free one people would recommend?

Bear in mind I'm not into MP3s except ones I sometimes get direct from band sites, so ability to play, store, organize MP3s or copy things from my CDs to hard drive is not a big factor for me. Could be a bonus but I just don't do that often.
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