December 9th, 2004


Another Day

Another Relatively Decent Day!

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P.S. I don't plan on doing a diary thing every day from now on, but since I'm trying to keep my posting down and I also seem to be in the middle of an odd pocket of leisure time and low stress, I thought I'd try and document what sane, normal day is like.
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Racial stereotypes

Quick comment:

This morning I realized I've been living in Atlanta a long time now, because I was looking at pictures in a NY Times story on bathroom attendants and I automatically assumed the well-dressed black men were the patrons, not the attendants, although it turns out, I was wrong. This one picture in particular had this Asian guy and this older black man I totally thought the Asian guy was the attendant until I examined the picture more closely and read the caption.

Meanwhile the last time I saw a bathroom attendant was 12-13 years ago, in Heathrow Airport of all places. They weren't just cleaning up either, they were attending with special provisions and services. I was 17 then it and creeped me out and I think probably it still would. I just don't think there should be help in the bathroom, even at a ritzy place!
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Not such a good piggy mom after all

I posted something to guinea_pigs and in the course of discussion I have learned -- or at least have been told, as I need to verify -- that I've been doing something very bad with the piggies :(

Apparently eating more than one baby carrot (or a small portion of a regular one) a day is bad for piggies, as it gives them too much Vit. A and causes liver damage or something. Seeing as I've been giving them maybe 4-8 baby carrots a day normally, I kind of feel bad, but I swear I never thought it was bad. They're not sick or anything either.

Guess I need to review my guinea pig nutrition information and warnings, because so far as I know, the only things I'm not supposed to give them in large amounts is brocoli and bananas. Meanwhile, what do I do with the zillion baby carrots in my fridge? I guess I have snacks for myself now!
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Ground Control to Major Tom...

Jeez, I just don't know how they do it.

Space station crew forced to cut calories
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) -- Food is running so low aboard the international space station that flight controllers have instructed the two crewmen to cut back on calories, at least until a Russian supply ship arrives in a little over two weeks.

If anything goes wrong with the Christmas Day delivery, NASA will have no choice, given the grounding of its shuttle fleet, but to abandon the station and bring the men home in early January.

I would never EVER go into outer space*, let alone sign up for that. OMG! I can't decide if it'd be my nightmare to be in that space station or be a doctor. *shudder* When I hear people on those Discovery Health Channel shows says "I've always wanted to be a doctor" I just don't get it at all and the stress and pace of it... no no no no no. The space station job probably wouldn't be as stressful day to day, but the existential angst would kill me. I'd be thinking about the meaning of death, life, reality all the time.

*Well, OK, if some aliens take me in their spaceship, maybe.
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