December 10th, 2004

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As is the style of my LJ this week, may I present my day, or least highlights and lowlights!

Once again, getting up earlier than usual meant that I wound up even later going to work than usual; I didn't get there 'til 10:30. I then wound up doing one of my least favorite activities, doing edits on prototype screens for a web application. This kind of work is in part what drove me away from GTRI in the first place -- I am absolutely not interestsed in designing interfaces for applications! The particular work I had to do today was even more annoying than usual since the pages were originally designed by my replacement Shelley, who created an elaborate but unnecessarily complex CSS scheme, which unfortunately doesn't come with any comments or documentation. I admit I could have done a lot of work to clean things up but basically I stuck to getting the job done so I can move on and not have to deal with it anymore.

For lunch I went to Moe's on 5th Street, probably my favorite lunch place (besides Baraonda) for when I'm at GTRI. Moe's is actually a really good chain in my opinion -- that location, the one right next to my home, and another one I went to all have really excellent service and good food. The 5th Street location has stay who sing and dance while they work, and the guy who often serves as chief burrito-artiste is a hoot. The "Posse" quesadilla is really good stuff! Another thing I like about Moe's is the music. While generally canned in-store or in-restaurant music is either annoying or "blah," Moe's seems to have a very particular set list. I completely dig the fact that John Lennon's solo work, Jimi Hendrix, 60s Elvis Presley, and other 60s and 70s favs -- and often not just "top 10 hits" -- are the staples. And today they played John Denver, who I've always a soft spot for :)

Yikes, I'm talking about lunch!

To move on... After work I really felt the need to break out of the routine, so rather than going home, I went up to Atlanta College of Art to have a look at jesswired's show. He had a super cool video installation -- again! After going through the gallery I ran into Jess himself and he took me around the juried art show. He showed me the winning piece (overall over just for video, I"m not sure) and I was not too impressed since Jess' was IMO superior. I also saw this one painting that was amazing, sort of like an exotic Van Gogh type deal except with a really interesting "scraping" technique. Just as we were done looking at stuff, Jess spotted Daniel and we went into the lobby to talk. Finally they all decided to go see some videos playing in another room, but I wanted to go home so I waved goodbye.

At home I once again faced the interesting situation of not having any workload of stuff I "had" to do, so I took it easy mainly. My "dinner" was two English muffins and a lot of bits of other stuff. Chattted with Storm for a while about potential Wraeththu Mythos stuff, writers, and whatnot, then truly indulged by lying on the couch watching "Animal Cops Houston" for two hours straight. I'm so into all those animal rescue shows, although they do make me awfully angry sometimes. It also made me want to get a dog -- this one doberman was such a sweetheard. I really don't think a dog is right for me at this time, but at some point I definitely will.

Finally I worked on the lengthy appendix I'm doing for my book. Charting out alien reproductive biology is no easy task! I am getting pretty tired of working on this part rather than the creative writing part of it, but I know it has to be done before I can really plunge ahead. If things continue as they have been this week with me working on it, however, I think I should be done by the end of the weekend.
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For all you political news & media junkies...

Great -- if disturbing -- piece on AlterNet Today, highlighting some of the worst journalism this year.

The P.U.-litzer Prizes For 2004
by Norman Solomon (i.e. Mr. Media Expose himself)

The 13 winners are pretty much all items at the national level, like coverage of elections, the Iraq war, and so on. My "favorite" is this one:

ORWELLIAN FORCES AWARD: Nic Robertson and others

U.S. military spokespersons now describe those who attack U.S. soldiers in Iraq as "anti-Iraqi forces" – even though, by all documented accounts, the vast majority of those forces are actually Iraqis. And some American journalists have begun to make that newspeak their own, among them CNN's senior international correspondent Robertson. On Nov. 25, Robertson reported from "Camp Freedom in Mosul, where the troops go out in their Striker vehicles into the city of Mosul." He continued: "What they are doing has been conducting offensive operations to disrupt the anti-Iraqi forces."

I've also seen reports saying how many newspapers, TV news shows, etc. always make a point to act like any rebels or insurgents in Iraq are somehow led by foreigners, when in fact there is no proof of this. Basically the media is just repeating the American miliary line of "Everybody loves us in Iraq; it's just these foreign, anti-Iraqi forces that are attacking us."
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Whirlwind day!

So this morning at 10 o'clock I left to go get my weekly allergy shot. 12 hours later, I'm finally back! Normally I'd say this indicates I was hit by a car and stuck in the emergency room all day, but in fact, no, I just had a very unexpected day!

The trip for my shot went as usual and I was back downtown by around 11:30, just in time to get lunch at the yummy French cafe downtstairs. Their service is kind of slow so I wasn't really finished until around 12:15, when Caleb called me asking "Is lunch at that French place expensive?" I told him no and that I was sitting there now! He and Daniel arrived and had lunch.

Meanwhile my day was about to change. Caleb has been really overworked lately, having to work way late every night to finish up two big projects at work. While eating his sandwich, he asked if I would come over to his office to help him out -- for pay. I said, basically, "Why not?" since I'm a contractor with their company anyway, doing their web site and occasional emergency office work. So, leaving lunch and promising to come up to his office shortly,, I went over to CAP a fourth time to finally finish those web reports, deposited a client check, and then managed to catch the 2 p.m. bus up to Midtown.

Caleb sure kept me busy! My first job, which took TWO HOURS, was scanning in a couple of large hand-drawn master plan / redesigns or a couple of major intersections. It was the kind of scanning where for each piece I had to do 6 separate scans and then paste it all together in Photoshop to be seamless. Not easy! After that there was some lag time and fiddling with the web site he wanted me to do, and then I got another Photoshop job -- overlaying one of the scans with an aerial shot. That took another hour. Between the work I did and waiting around on CAleb to finish, I was there at his ofice 'til like 7:30 or 8 I think!

Poor Caleb was so "over" his work by then and we were both hungry as heck, so we walked over to this Italian place DaVinci's near Ponce. Very nice! It's a bar and restaurant with the restaurant upstairs in a wonderfully dark room. Food was excellent. The "breadsticks" were actually a big pizza crust sliced up. I had yummy mushroom ravioli with pestro and Caleb had a big spinach calzone, most of which he had put in a box for later. Both of us had well-deserved drinks too -- him a strong glass of Campari, me a Ciocalatto martini :)

Afterward we decided that, no, still not time to go home, so we went to the Publix near there and picked up some groceries. I got egg-nog, yay! Conveniently the 10 bus southbound pulled up just as we reached Peachtree, so we went straight home. I can't believe it's after 10 already! Where did my day go?
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