December 11th, 2004


Lovecraft-inspired album

The other day I got the latest album from The Unquiet Void that's similar to the other album of his I love Between the Twilights, except this one is dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft. All the songs are basically done as accompaniments/atmospheres for Lovecraft stories, so the titles are for example "Return to Innsmouth," "The Esoteric Order," "A Troubled Dream-Infested Slumber," etc. There are no lyrics (although one track seems to be droaning "Ee-amm, ee-amm, Cththulu..." for about 10 minutes!) but you definitely do get the vibe. In fact, I'm rather worried that Cththulu is being invoked! Anyway, Poisoned Dreams is great stuff if there's anybody out there for looking to dark atmosphere / magic ritual or meditation music.

P.S. The other U.V. album I got is his first one, Scorpio and thumbs up on that too.
P.P.S. Got to review this for Inception!
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Who's idea was this?

Just found this link to a site about eczema that features a rather strange gimmick. While I think health education is vitally imporatnt, I'm not sure the Ezcema Beast is going to help the cause. I mean, who wants a stuffed... disease?

This is almost as bad as The Colossal Colon. (Remember when I posted pics of me inside the colon, back when it visited Atlanta? Everybody agreed: F'd up!)

Anyway, IMO, marketing geniuses, health educators are not.
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