December 14th, 2004

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So a few months back, there was a news item about an "arm pillow" being sold in Japan, so girls could sleep better feeling like their boyfriend had his arm around them or whatever.

Now comes the lap pillow.

I know there's a lap dance joke in this news item somewhere. If I watched the Tonight Show I bet I'd hear it.
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Panic Commences

I just had to look at the calendar and just realized I am leaving for my insane two-week Christmas vacation (Boston and Germany) in ONE WEEK! How I did not realize it was THIS soon, I don't know. Two weeks was more my idea. Good thing all my shopping is done. Now I just have to pack, which should be fun since I have both Christmas presents and warm clothes I need to haul up. At least I get one day in Atlanta between trips to drop off my presents and do some laundry.

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This is so middle school...

You are.. UNIQUE! Wow, you are a rare breed. You do
what you want, say what you want, and wear what you want. Screw labels and subcultures! You may be considered one of the oddest people in your school, but you really could care less. What matters is what you like, and what you like only. You're a shining star!
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I'd agree, I definitley was one of the oddest kids in my school. And I'm a lot odder now probably.
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John Waters blesses us all

I'm listening to "Fresh Air" here at work an Terry Gross has on one of her favorite repeat guests, John Waters... who has just put together this album:

A John Waters Christmas

Includes nearly unknown songs like "Santa Clause is a Black Man" and "Happy Birthday Jesus."

jesswired, I wish we could get this and then go out carolling. Where could we go? Maybe South Peachtree? Peachtree Center? MARTA?

Meanwhile, I just plain want this one. I am considering buying it and sending it to Andover so I can get it next week.

This interview with Waters is great too... You can hear it, with song samples, here!
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Chatting with Mom?

My sister Nancy wants me to set up my mom with IM next week when I'm home. The reason? My mom is online with dial-up connection, and forgets to hang up even when she's offline, that none of us can reach her on the phone! *rolls eyes* Apparently she has been worried that installing a chat client would somehow bring in more viruses. I guess I'll try to talk her into it. Hey, and that way I can chat from home while I'm visiting, too!
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She did it!

Yes, my mom is now on YIM. Nancy must've emailed her or something and so she sent me her userid so I could test it. We didn't chat long since I said I was at work.

It's sad that I know this will increase communication between us greatly, since BOTH of us tend to be up 'til 2 a.m. on our computers, and neither of us reliably calls the other.

Hey, xanath, wanna do a three-way chat with my mom?
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The Bumble Bee That Hated to Buss

I just got the most wonderful package from my mother!!!!!!

Somehow, in cleaning up the basement, Mom found a few file folders worth of "Wendy stuff" that somehow I had failed to collect. I have a whole box in my closet here which I thought was "everything" -- grades, psych evaluations, research reports, awards, poetry, crative writing, etc. But no, there were some things I didn't know about!

For example, a batch of poems, all typed out on fading construction paper. I used an ancient typewriter and between being a 7-year-old trying to type, the machine being cranking, and having an "intuitive" sense of spelling, they are not just poems, but works of art almost. I'm framing this one!

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Mom Chats

Yay! So mom and my sister Nancy and I did a three-way chat. My mom's conlusion was that while it was somewhat confusing (all the windows that pop up) but she likes it. Oh, dear. I just know Mom and I will be up at 1 a.m. chatting.

Meanwhile, proof that a new medium doesn't really alter what Mom and I talk about:

Mom: I keep finding more stuff as I clean out more closets. This was in one of the upstairs rooms. You said you wanted those houses the last time you were here.

Wendy: Yeah. I set them up already on top of the china cabinet. I made a little tinfoil pond. I need to get another strand of lights, but they're only $2 at CVS.

Mom: : Be careful those lights get hot. I think they have something that snaps them in so they don't touch the cardboard.

Wendy: They have tape on them... I will re-do the tape I guess so it holds the light in place.
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