December 16th, 2004

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Ugh! I swear, I just want to walk OUT of here today! It's the classic "Oh, no, Wendy's leaving, let's ALL send her stuff to do!" It's insane. What really gets me is that almost none of this stuff is "priority" but the people simply have some kind of drive that tells them it MUST be done in 2004 and that doing it in 2 weeks is not good enough. Like, I'm sorry, but the Institute will not erupt in chaos if I don't update the org chart on our corporate intranet... yet I get the impression that the administration's rep. sure thinks it will. Again, I say Ugh!

Meanwhile I really want to talk about this Frank Rich piece in the NYT today but it depends on if I have the time.
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I'm so confused

Anyone read The Telling by Ursula Le Guin? It's a new book (2000) and I started it this morning. The reason I ask if anybody has read it is that I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT! I am fine with an author laying out a plot that forces you to "discover" what's going on, piece it together... but I've read 20 pages and I am still completely disoriented. I can't tell who the main character is (she has 2 names), what planet the story is one (there appear to be 2 mentioned, plus 2 different realities), or what is going on. I get the idea the main person is an Observer for the Ekumen (the big "federation" in her Hainish universe) and has left for a while to find earth ruled by religion-hating fascists, but...????? Sigh. I don't want to sound smug, but it's rare that I find something I just don't... GET. (The only other time recently I can remember this happening was a couple months ago when I tried, and failed, to figure out T.S. Eliot. Read poems backward and forward, decided they're just not for me.)

And now back to work. I am burrrried!
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ice cream

Power Poop

See, now THIS is the kind of thing more scientists need to work on!

Turkey droppings fuel power plant

Hell, that kind of thing makes me feel guilty I'm not doing anything nearly that useful. Alternative fuel stuff is SO cool.

At UGA in Athens, all the buses were powered by SOY. Further proof that soy can do and be anything. I think God actually made the world out of a big giant soy bean.
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Living "The Future"

I feel like I'm in a MSN or Yahoo ad:

Chatting with my sister Nancy and my nephew Sean in New York State while she has on her web cam and I can see them laughing and smiling.

Now she just said she has to put Sean to be, and I've filled out my timesheet here at work so I'm going home. Finally. To eat!

No more work (here) 'til like Jan. 10 or something!
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Shout out to cracicotus

He's probably too busy to check LJ and see this but...

From the infamous "cheesecake" photo shoot a few years back

He gave me a very, very welcome present today -- paid off the balance of the money he owed me, filling me with a shocking sense of financial security.
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