December 17th, 2004

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Becoming a "Female Minority"

Oh, the sense of accomplishment one gets from filling out BIG, HONKIN' HUGE GOV'T APPLICATIONS!

I just mailed off the application I need for Metro Girl to get registered as an official Female Minority Enterprise with the City of Atlanta. This is part of the City's affirmative action program and basically the reason I'm doing it is that Caleb's company does a lot of business with the City and other local governments who require minorities contractors/sub-contractors. Caleb's company has employed me for several years but since I have no official status as being a "minority," they can't declare me. However, once I get this certification ("Yes, Metro GIRL is indeed a WOMAN!") they can use that fact to their advantage, as can any other company who hires me. I can also apply for contracts FOR the City and stuff.

The application took me about two days to do. It included:
1) Stupid 15-page form concerning ownership, addresses, assets, etc.
2) Bank signature card (why, I dunno)
3) Copy of my passport (proof that I'm a woman)
4) Copy of biz license
5) My current resume
6) Proof I own my office space (i.e. copy of my mortgage)
7) Org chart for my business (easy... since it's a sole proprietorship!)
8) Copies of my federal taxes (all schedules) for 2003 and 2002
9) Proof of "capital investment" (receipt for comp. monitor, office furniture)

The worst thing about the application was the way it had to be sent. I couldn't just put a big clamp on it, stick it in an envelope. Oh, NO! I had to come up with a way for it to be "bound" and then they require you to put "alphabatized tabs" on it for every document/section. I had a terrible time. Finally I got a 3-ring binder, a packet of those clear document sheets and threw everything together, along with stick-on tabs.

I managed to do this all by 4:45 today, then ran over to the local post office, where I miracalously was about to send it off Priority Mail. Wheeee! And ughggggh!

And now that I'm done, I'll be shocked if I hear back from the City before June ;)
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Just like in the debates...'s pretty clear what Dubya cares about "domestically":

Bush looking at freezing domestic spending

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House is telling federal agencies to expect lean budgets next year, with congressional aides and lobbyists saying President Bush appears ready to propose freezing or even slightly cutting overall domestic spending.

Targeted would be all annually approved programs except for defense and domestic security...

Meanwhile, yeah, there was that story on how the Bush administration is going to ask for $100 billion towards the Iraq war next year.
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Charity time

It's that time of year when I seem to wind up giving to charity. Actually I give regularly to a bunch of different groups all during the year, but a few are doing end-of-year fundraisers right now.

This year I've donated to:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - ever-heroic
National Trust for Historic Preservation - preserving the physical structure of our country
Atlanta Ballet - for music & art education
UMass Amherst - specifically the liberal arts college
Union Mission - one of the biggest homeless shelters & rehab centers in Atlanta
PEDS - pedestrian advocacy here in Atlanta, a dangerous place for walkers
Atlanta Goethe Institut - German culture org. that's been losing gov't & corp. funding
PBA - public broadcasting in Atlanta (I listen to the radio for hours every day)

I did all these donations *before* I knew I was going to get a windfall last night :)

I haven't given any one group a huge chunk of money but I try to help out these groups at least a little, because these are ones I think are helping to work on issues I care about and/or helping people. Really I don't have any idea if other people send out so many donations but I can't seem to help it. My parents always supported lots of groups, not just the church of course but things like cancer groups and, so I recently learned, Planned Parenthood. It's a good habit to have, IMO.
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