December 18th, 2004

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Boy... tried to upgrade to Trilian Pro, meaning I paid for it, and now I have no Trilian, since the stupid thing won't start. Got to deal with tech support. Blah.

Addendum -- An hour or so later... wait, more than that, and Trilian is still dead. Have exchanged numerous emails with the software people, who are asking for crash files, sending me new DLLs and EXEs. But it still won't worry. Damn me and my apparently silly idea of upgrading to the pay version. Meanwhile damn the software people for making this such a pain. Rather than send me bits and pieces, I wish they'd say, "Remove the program and download it again here, start from scratch." It obviously ain't gonna work.

Addendum 2 -- Boy, the Cerulean Studios guy is trying really really hard to get this to work for me -- they did a new build and everything -- but it still doesn't. In fact I now have a new error. Still no Trillian. I totally should have just let well enough alone.
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Problem Solved

So finally, right before going off to do the gift-exchanging thing with Caleb and Daniel, the guy from Cerulean got me on Yahoo so he could chat with me and we could solve the whole Trillian thing. We had to try 5-6 different things but finally we got the thing running. This pro pay version seems a lot different than the free one, with a lot of the features I wanted, including ability to work with Yahoo and become invisible (even to specific people, on demand), so yay, proble solved.