December 19th, 2004

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So last night Caleb, Daniel and I did the whole gift-swap ritual. For whatever reason, all of us seemed to go to multiple present route, so we all wound up with bigger pile than usual.

I wound up with...
  • A big box of penne pasta shaped Italian licorice (yum!)
  • A bag of ginger candies (designed to "slay dragon breath" ... ahem!)
  • A very cute tin of Katjes Kinger cat-shaped hard licorice candy from Germany... with 3 bags inside! (I now have about 10 lbs. of imported licorice in my cabinet. At least it's fat free.)
  • A big red candle with I believe Hindu decorations done in blue and gold
  • A wood and glass kaleidoscope
  • Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin -- includes lots of nude pictures, descriptions of incredibly kinky stuff, guides to the lost 20s club scene, etc. Caleb knows what I like and got this on his trip to Chicago last June.
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I also got (opened at last) a present fro xanath, a.k.a. Kris: King Rat by China Mielville. Thank you, Kris! My book pile groweth. And if I can find a couple more male authors I like (I loved Mielvielle's other book) that'll be great.
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Sports heaven weirdness?

Has anybody seen those commercials with the sports fans watching sports on TV, dying and then going to heaven, where they are back watching TV again? What is UP with that? Does anybody else find it weird? Disturbing? The catch line of the ad campaign is something like "order this special sports pack and you'll be in sports fan heaven." But really, the direct message is: Kill yourself, it's not so bad! I dunno. I'm not upset or anything, I just keep seeing it on DirectTV and thinking, "That's damn odd!"
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Winter Sunday

Today a very Winter day.

Tired and The Telling
I didn't get up 'til 10; that party and the wine I drank really tired me out. I found it really hard to wake up and despite the fact I managed to pick up the house, throughout the afternoon I felt like a sloth or somebody working at the bottom of the ocean under tons of pressure. Just could not snap out of it!

For a couple of hours I was so tired the only thing I felt I could do properly was read, so I got into bed and finished off that Le Guin book (novella) I've been reading, The Telling. Found it disappointing, actually. The main problem was the book was just damn BORING! I don't necessarily need every book I read to be some sort of action epic and certainly can appreciate a book about ideas, sociology, religion, and history (I enjoyed her classic, The Dispossessed), but this book seemed weak to me, like a short story stretched out to far, with far too many long passages of exposition versus dialog or, what would have been interesting, actual direct excerpts from "The Telling." Anyhow, I'm sure reading a boring book while I was already tired didn't exactly help me wake up!

Finally around 5 o'clock I fixed myself a cup of black coffee shot with chocolate syrup... sumptuous. Things turned around then, due to (forgive the TMI) the end of some major constipation -- and suddenly I was alert and ready to go! Got some Metro Girl stuff done, put in some laundry to be washed, and got to work.

Cold... and Creepy Dioramas!
Sometime around 7 o'clock Caleb IM'd me telling me how cold it was out... like 15 F! Would I like to go with him to watch the skaters in the park? Um, sure!

On his advice, I bundled up like I used to at UMass -- combat boots, opaque tights under corderoys, double-thick velour shirt, ultra-warm jacket, scarf, wood hat, suede gloves. And what amazed me, when I got outside, the weather was actually WORTH the outfit!!!!!! 99% of the time, when people in Atlanta complain about the cold or the rain, they are just full of it, exaggerating b/c they're wusses, but this time, brrrr! it was cold!

So I met up with Caleb and we went to the park (Centennial Olympic, which has a big ice rink sponsored by Coke every year now) and watched the skaters. Caleb was freeeeezing because his winter clothes (unlike mine) aren't what they should be and he hasn't an ounce of fat to insulate him either.

We also checked out the weird Christmas dioramas the park got this year from Life University, which closed or something and donated them. These displays are 3D animated dioramas encased in glass and set in these sort of circus caravan cars. They are super creepy and more than a little perverse. For example, there's one cart showing a scene from the "Candy Mine" and I swear the elves working that mine are demonic -- probably make babies cry! There's also this one with animals in that has something going on between a chicken and a sheep... and no, I'm not the only one who thinks this, as I heard another couple ask "What's that sheep doing?"

Afterward we went to Caleb's so he could warm up for a sec and have a bite to eat. That was a rest stop before going back to my place, where Daniel met us with the new LOTR: ROTK DVD. Daniel wound up falling asleep but Caleb and I watched while I baked two loaves of zucchini bread (using up the zucchini before my trip!) and a pizza. The fact I baked two things during just one half of that movie proves how damn LONG it is. (Side comment on ROTK: Some of those things Jackson added back in, he should've just left out. In fact, maybe ALL of those things should've been left out. Especially the "skull attack," or whatever that was!) Finally the boys left.

So I'm up now, still feeling very awake. I guess I'll take care of some emails and web work and PR and busywork now, while I have the energy. If I know myself, I'll waste half of tomorrow being sleepy and lazy!

P.S. Weather Channel is presently saying that here in Atlanta, it's 22°F (Feels Like 6°F). Holy shit, that is COLD for here! Notably, in my hometown in Massafreezingchustts it's 34 (and "feels" like it) and 23 in Cologne... so it's basically way colder here than where I'm going on my trip. How bizarre is THAT?!
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