December 22nd, 2004


Another day with the parents

Feeling warmer today, thankfully. Actually a nice long sleep in a toasty bed warmed my feet up and they seemed to stay that way all day. The outside temps have gone up 15-20 degrees as well, which certainly helps! About the only climate gripe I have is that electric heat (as always) gives me headaches. Something about the smell of hot metal, I guess.


Today was dominated by two things: 1) shopping in town and 2) observing my parents' kooky behavior.

Mom and I went out around noon, once my dad got back from getting a haircut (and scaring us by driving). It was quite the typical downtown Andover shopping trip. Being the Parking Pro, Mom got a spot right on Main Street, so we were right by the Brueggher's Bagels... wheee! I love bagel sandwiches, so we had those for lunch and then Mom bought 2 dozen bagels for familiar consumption. We were right by the Andover Gift Shop so of course I had to go in there; while I didn't get any earrings, I did find this great stuffed moose for my nephew Owen. Hurray for that shop -- has been selling cool alternative/teen gifts and jewelry since I was a kid.

After a quick stop to drop off book donations at the library, we arrived at DeMoulas. This is the local supermarket and a prime example of "townie" store. All the "new people" in town must shop at the Shaw's in North Reading or the Wild Oats place (where my dad refuses to set foot because... he's a townie). The average age of shoppers in there must be around 50, because it's almost all old people, plus some younger people who look very "town" (an inexplicable quality I can identify from going to DeMoulas since birth, just about).

DeMoulas is actually a small chain with probably a couple dozen stores in northeast Massachusetts, but it's just the frumpiest chain. To this day, it's the only grocery store I know of that puts sawdust on the floor of the deli, meat and produce sections. They also have a large section of Italian food -- all kinds of deli meats you can only get "special" in Atlanta. DeMoulas is also one of the only places I know of that stocks Moxie, my favorite soda.

Anyway, we did our shopping. I question my parents entire rationale and method of food buying and eating, but I didn't say a word as mom stocked up on an entire menu of artery-cloggers ;) We had to get food for the Christmas Eve buffet, a couple of dinners for visitors and some lunch stuff. Mom is also making a Sandtorte (German poundcake). Altogether my mom spent over $160! Yeeech!

Afterward we went to Wild Oats where I bought 2 large vegetarian lasagnes for the buffet, and my mom complained about the herbal medicine department.

Re 2) parental behavior, at the moment my headache is too all-engulfing for me to go into it, but the two them... Oh goodness, they're batty and will bicker/discuss/argue over the lamest things possible, while meanwhile I listen in knowing neither of them is right. Edith & Archie, OMG.


Finished the first book in Worlds of Exile and Illusion, the Le Guin 3-in-1 Im reading. Called Rocannon's World, it was an interesting SF tale that shows a first contact / investigative team from the Ekumen entering in the mythology of a multi-species planet that doesn't quite take the aliens the same way as other cultures have. Actually the entire story is told like a hybrid of a SF tale and some kind of myth, with an ethnologist turning into a sort of mythic hero, on a quest to free the world from a dark and scary enemy. There's even a big sapphire, bardic songs, flying beats and swords and arrows!


I think I'm going to lie down now though. The ibuprofin I took hasn't helped my headache and the dust around here is making me feel grubby. A nice lie on a clean bed would do me good. I can also start the next book!
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Whoah, pretty antique sparkly things

My mom just came around to me here and showed me some earrings, to see if I liked them. Some leftover earrings she couldn't give to my niece b/c her ears aren't pierced. I didn't really like them b/c I don't like gold. So then she asks, "What do you think about diamond in a gold setting?" Turns out she has something of Oma's... I'm interested! She brings me in this beautiful pin/pendant, shaped like a compass, but gothic, with a big diamond in the middle, which looks to us to be real. A close friend of Oma's gave it to her, probably in the 40s or 50s. It's beautiful! And yes, she gifted me with it. She also gave me a little 1920s Art Deco pin Oma found somewhere at some point.
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Past, Present, Future

That 5 Things Meme, With Just the Past, Present Future Questions Answered

1. Was 20 years old.
2. Had just finished first semester of sophomore year at UMass.
3. Had just served first semester as GLBT Issues Editor at the UMass paper.
4. Was living in an all-queer dorm hall.
5. Was probably 25-30 lbs. thinner.

1. Was living with Caleb in our condo at the Metropolitan.
2. Was working at the Georgia Division of Public Health.
3. Had my first clients as Metro Girl.
4. Was taking advanced German classes at Goethe Institut.
5. Didn't have any pets.

1. Had enjoyed a recent vacation in Germany w/Caleb.
2. Was getting sick of my job at Georgia Tech.
3. Was working Breeding Discontent with Bridgette.
4. Was enjoying having read/edited Wraiths way in advance.
5. Had purchased tickets to visit Storm in England for the first time.

1. Quit my job.
2. Had come back from a fun vacation in Germany.
3. Was about to buy some guinea pigs.
4. Thought I would have my novel done by now. *rolls eyes*
5. Was very stressed about finding a CPA, doing my taxes, etc.

1. Traveled by foot, subway, plane, bus, light rail, commuter rail, and car.
2. Finished off a bag of pfeffernuesse cookies with my mom.
3. Went to a mega K-Mart.
4. Got really cold feet.
5. Finished an Ursula Le Guin novel.

1. Helped Dad put on his socks and shoes.
2. Made my parents dinner (including cooking meat).
3. Made my parents a tray of tea and cookies.
4. Wrapped all the presents I'm giving people.
5. Wrapped Dad's present for Mom and Mom's present for Dad.

1. Learn Mom's recipe for Sandtorte.
2. Help clean downstairs.
3. Go shopping with Mom again.
4. Hopefully go visit those nice woods near here.
5. Roll eyes over and over at my parents comedic dialog (or at least I wish they were comedic, when in fact they're sincere.
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