December 23rd, 2004



Except for a walk in the woods I just got back from, been a homebody today. I swear, being with my parents makes me start acting like I'm 70 myself.

We all sat around from 10-12 drinking tea and watching re-runs of West Wing.

I helped Mom by wrapping some presents for her.

Later Dad and I decorated the tree. He was feeling a little better today and was able to help me with a lot of the ornaments. I was sure he would poop out sooner than he did. The tree is all sparkling and nice now.

Afterward Dad started watching Golf Channel (why old men get into sports they never liked before, I dunno), at which point I yawned and went out into the woods -- that place with the huge boulders, dead trees, streams, etc. The only odd thing is there were no birds or squirrels in there today. Very quiet.

Tonight I think the "plan" is for me to wrap more of Mom's presents, help her make the poundcake, and probably watch TV.

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I am hot. Really hot. I think the fact that heat comes from the floor instead of the ceiling is what makes it so hot. Who knows, but I feel like I'm baking. I keep splashing water on my face.

In other news, it was like 60 today. WTF is up with the weather? Oh, and then we had Beastly All-Engulfing Rain. I love the roar the tall pines make when it's windy like that, but damn, I thought one of them was going to fall on the house!

Dad wanted to get bread at DeMoulas, but since he is lame (in the literal sense) and since Mom doesn't trust him driving alone, I got to be his sidekick/runner, going with him and running into the store to get the bread. I can't believe I'm now supervising the driving of the guy who taught me how to drive.

Tonight it was Dad's turn to cook dinner. The Edith Wharton-ness of our meals continues: tonight it was hamburgers served on English muffins with onions, with a side of noodles in sour cream and Red Rose tea. It was like deja vu all over again. Meat, noodles, tea.

Parents have been squabbling on and off all today, siblings have been calling on and off all day. At times my parents drive me batty, especially when they repeat themselves, or whole conversations, 5 or 6 times. I *hate* when people do that, precisely because I grew up with them doing it. Ugh. I'm like, "Yes, I *know* Nancy is not coming 'til tomorrow, yes I *know* you need to wrap the presents." Maybe I repeat myself too, I don't know...

I put all my presents and Mom's (well, all she has wrapped) under the tree. I can tell we were both over-generous!

After I did that I played all the songs in a Christmas carol book, on our *terrible* old piano. The thing is so out of tune and so crap you can hear/feel the clicking of the innards and imagine the damn hammers. At this point the intrument is basically nothing more than a stand for all my parents' family pictures!

Finished the second book in that Le Guin 3-in-1, World of Exile. The style was very interesting. I expect the last one will be the same. All three novels are (apparently) about Ekumen scientists/explorers who get trapped/exiled to new worlds and eventually end up having to face the natives head-on, instead of warring/ignoring/avoiding. The Ekumen cling on to their advanced civilization but in the end seem to be absorbed or brought down. Notably, this second book had a happy ending, which I must say is not typical of Le Guin's books & stories. She's an author who will kill off a main character without batting an eye, or have the "heroes" lose. Anyway, I'd give the book another B.

And now I must... What?

One final note: It gets dark at like 4:15 here. I always forget that.
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