December 25th, 2004

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Getting Better

Happily, familial drama has receded today and we seem on track for a "recoup" of yesterday, which seemed like one thing piled on top of another.

Woke up this morning to find Tom and my father in a much better mood. Everybody was down in the living room and we let Owen open his presents, which he missed last night because he entered the "time for bed" mode before we were ready. He got a moose, a PlayDough activity set, and a PlaySkool fire station. His favorite toy? A tie between the station and the giant "Owen"-sized cardboard box my sister Betty had brought her presents in. He was running all over the room wearing that box.

Finally the family of three left and it was just Mom, Dad and I again. But not for long! Nancy called and it seems Sean is feeling better. Rather than driving all the way here from New York state, they're going over to my sister Betty's in Sturbridge. We're meeting everybody there around 1. It's a 1 1/2 hour drive for us but it saves Nancy 1 1/2 drive. I'm happy because I wanted to see them and I also got them (esp. Sean) a lot of presents, which I'd prefer them to open with me there, rather than get them after the fact sometime.

Meanwhile I'm keeping an eye on the weather forcast for tomorrow and so far it looks good. Yay. I want my plane to leave on time! :)
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Back from Sturbridge.

There were too many people in the house and it was really messy (messier than my parents) and loud. However, I got a couple of nice presents (choker and ancient Chinese coin), we had a big turkey & roast beef dinner, I talked with my sister Nancy, and I saw most of Moonstruck. I also saw my nephews Sean & Ian.

Afterward Nancy went home with just Sean and Ian came home with me and my parents. This is when the *bad* part of the trip occured, with my dad stressing over the CD Ian put in (Hitchhikers), me worrying Mom would drift off, then Dad grabbing control of the car while Mom was stopped at a rest stop. My dad managed to drive the 20 minutes home w/o getting us killed but I would *still* prefer not to be in a car with an old, pissed off man. (BTW, at this point I told Ian *not* to put in the next CD, less his grandfather explode.) I wish I could rent a car and drive myself sometimes... really!

I am all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning. Mom & Dad are taking me to the MBTA express bus in Lowell to get the 9 or 9:30 bus. My flight leaves at 11 and goes to Baltimore. If my connection goes right, I'll be back in Atlanta by 3. *crosses fingers*
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