December 26th, 2004

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Back, briefly

I'm back. At least 'til tomorrow!

Got up at 7:30, got all ready, then checked Logan Express shuttle schedule online and learned that it only comes once an hour on Sunday mornings. Had to wake up Mom & Dad so they could get me to the 9 a.m. run; we had been thinking of the 9:30 one. We made it there on time -- despite my dad needing to do his insulin shots before we left -- and I arrived at Logan at 9:30.

As soon as I got to the gate, it started to snow, but despite that, the plane boarded just about on time. It was really snowing seriously by then! With the de-icing and then waiting for the runway to be salted or whatever, we didn't leave 'til about noon, but it turned out fine. We arrived in Baltimore late and I thought I'd missed my connection, but the plane I'd come on *was* my connection, so all I had to do was get off the plane, then get back on again.

I got back to Atlanta at around 4. Caleb called me and is SO ill. Poor thing is also traveling today, from Albany I think, and he's got a bag with him. Hasn't been able to keep anything down. Daniel is going to help him deal with his luggage at the airport, and I'm leaving some Gatorade, crackers and soup I just bought, just to stave off total dehydration and madness. He's not leaving for Germany until Wednesday or Thursday so hopefully he'll be able to recover in time.

I've got a few things to do before I leave again tomorrow afternoon. Some shuffling around of my luggage contents, some laundry, some email tasks, downloadnig some pictures off my camera, etc. I'm just so glad I made it home despite the snow in Boston. I was convinced I wouldn't make it back here -- I ever packed my Lufthansa tickets, my passport, and Xmas presents for people I'm seeing in Germany. Home feels good!
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Pet peeve:

Headlines like: "U.S. begins tsunami relief; 3 Americans among dead"

Um, OK, it's true there's another CNN headline with "10,000 dead" but good grief, that "local tie-in" crap really curdles my blood, esp. when it's 3 (the other 9,997 being "other people").
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Surreal Barbies

I'm going through my luggage and just got to something I dragged out of my old bedroom closet, one of the last remaining toys or possessions still lying around my parents. Feeling too lazy to take a picture, I just scanned it in:

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The outfits are just hilarious, as is the fact Marie's head is HUGE. I love how the scan came out though... looks like "art" rather than me being lazy ;)
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Best movies, 2004

Well, I can't really say I go out and see a lot of movies, but there were at least two I saw this year that I really enjoyed:

Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow
Some people (many people, in fact), seemed to not "get" this movie or to diss it for being "nothing but effects," but I loved it conceptually, artistically and as a work of pure fun. Wonderful, splendiferous 1920s-30s Art Deco / Futurist design really hit the nail on the head and the dialogue, plot, character interaction all did as well, evincing the feel of an old movie serial or comic books. Plus, hello, Jude Law!

The Saddest Music in the World
I did a post about this a few weeks ago when I saw it. I actually didn't see this in the theater and when I rented it, I didn't know it actually came out this year (thought it was last). Like Sky Captain, this movie sets out to be a sort of "lost classic" from the 20s or 30s, and thus has Metropolis-like sets, B&W photography, the vibe of German Expressionism, Vaseline-lens-effects, and basically a feel that the movies is all "lost footage" some modern director has pieced together. Isabella Rosselini rocks in this as the beer company heiress with artificial, beer-filled glass legs. Interestingly, the movie is supposedly all about sadness, but it's actually very funny.

I think the only other 2004 movies I saw was World Police, which was just OK. Personally, I thought the South Park was way better and had more of a point to it, while W.P. seemed to exist to attack all sides of everything so that it's really unclear what the message is.

Saw some other movies on DVD or video as well -- not from this year but past one. One notable was The Sin Eater (called The Order) in the U.S. Pretty good religious horror movie that reminded me of a goth graphic novel. On the pitiful side was the new version of Planet of the Apes -- horrible! The ending was totally f'd up, among other things.

I have a feeling I left something out, but d'd if I know what it is.
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