January 6th, 2005

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Just about dead, but back

Caleb and I made it back from Germany today. The flight was 11 hours!!!!! Because of the bad weather in the Northeast, the plane had to diverge from the usual route down the coast and go all the way around the Great Lakes, down through Detroit, Cincinatti, etc., before going to Atlanta. Ughghghghgh! The ridiculous customs & security crap upon landing at at Hartsfield was mercifully short (at least compared to last summer, when it took 1 hr. for the passport line) but jeez, it sucked. Esp. since in Frankfrut we'd already had to go through 3 security checkpoints. I swear, it takes a hell of a lot of patience to travel internationally.

Meanwhile I came home and OMG, my pets were crazy. As soon as I put the key in the door the pigs were crying. I go to the cage and they have no vegies, about 1/2 pellet of food and a couple strands of hay. While I'm in the middle of unpacking, Daniel comes by and says he just fed them last night. Apparently they eat a LOT when when they're lonely! Damn! Anyway, fed them, gave them hugs, watered my plants, checked on birds, unpacked, talked with Daniel, who got several chocolate gifts.

I'm pretty wiped out now, needless to say. Got a load of laundry running and will either make pasta for dinner or go to the diner next door. I am eager to post a summary of the whole trip and of course the pictures (there are many!) but I doubt that will happen tonight, as I'm just a bit too messed up, mind and body. Tomorrow though...