January 8th, 2005


Bottom drops out

Rather inevitably, jetlag and the sickeningly quick return of old habits has left me feeling depressed. Got one of those "mood headaches" and don't want to do anything, even though I have a lot to do. Bah. Just want to lay down and doodle. Drinking some PMS Tea, which actually works normally, so I hold out hope.

I think what I may do is enter all my receipts for my trip into Money, which will make me feel like I've "done something," and then do some more LJ posts about my trip, like maybe the German sex ads or a run-down of what I bought. That's not really "work" but at least it will be out of the way then, and I can do real work by Monday.

P.S. Yes, I am a workaholic. And self-employed. So I always feel I have work I should be doing.
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Holy shit! Caleb and I just watched that 2-hr. mock documentary Smallpox about a global pandemic killing off 60 million people in 2002. It was WAY too real! Very impressive work. There were lapses here and there so you knew it wasn't real (e.g. talks about "the president" and "the mayor" instead of giving names, some camerawork is not news or home video, etc.) but overall it really felt like a real documentary. I think the research they did on it must have been pretty thorough; seemed like anyway. Scary, scary stuff. We're all sitting ducks really and if something like that happens, it's like a tsunami in viral form, pretty much. If anybody is interested, I'm sure FX Network will be repeating it.
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TMI... prickly heat ughness

Besides the jetlag and headache I've got, I'm still dealing with the nasty rash I developed, mostly in Cologne. I think it's either prickly heat or something really similar, except instead of happening in a tropical area, it happens in a cold area.

It's a problem any time I go shopping in winter, having to do with coming out of heated shops into cold outdoors, walking around a lot, sweating, then coming back in. It's happened several times on visits to Boston. I'll be standing in a store and suddenly I'll get pins and needles on my calves or legs and I'll know it's happened. I'll get back skin irritation on my calves and the inside of my legs, like inner thigh. The skin gets raised up in stripes sort of, then all these bumps appear, which then get chafed by clothes and start to bleed. It just gets worse and worse. In Cologne Caleb gave me some skin cream to try and fight it but that only made it worse. I guess talcum powder might be a good remedy. Dreadful though, as it makes me even squirmier than usual.

To combat the lingering effects (e.g. the icky pinprick bleeding things on my calves), I just took a double-dosed colloidal oatmeal bath. Hope that helps. My legs look even crappier than usual, with not just the rash but a whole bunch of cuts and scrapes, a big bruise, and dreadfully dry skin. I guess it's good I just bought all those tights, as nobody would want to look at these gams.
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