January 9th, 2005

ice cream


I'm cleaning up the main room, and that means putting away all the stuff I bought on the trip. Since I'm doing that, guess it's time for the "traditional" catalog of goodies :) Most of it I bought myself, but there are some gifts too.

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Technically, I never did Drama or Musical Theater... instead I was in the TV Studio, which produced cable access TV shows. Sort of a hybrid of AV Club and Drama. It wasn't all nerds, but more like outcast geeks.
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Making Up for Lost Time

So recently I've been thinking how it might be nice if I had more of a clue about makeup.

In general the only thing I put on my face is lipstick. Someetimes when I'm going out and want to be all glam, I put silver lipstick on as eyeshadow... or put it on my cheeks. Also recently I put on a little bit of this concealer stuff to hide the yucky veins under my eyes. I figure I'm wearing jewelry and a swank or crazy outfit, who cares if there's no makeup.

Anyway, that's all I wear, and the reason is that besides the fact I just don't believe in slathering yourself with makeup, I just have no CLUE how to put it on!

My mom never wears makeup and as far as I know, would only go so far as lipstick. She puts on lipstick for church, weddings, and the very occasional party she attends. That's it. She just isn't a fussy woman. Maybe she was in the 50s as a young woman, but I never knew that woman, so I was never introduced to makeup. (Plus, I should add, it was made clear I wasn't allowed to wear makeup 'til I was at least in college.)

Out of my sisters, all three of whom were long moved out by the time I was "makeup aged," only one of them wears makeup. Betty probably only ever wore it on her wedding day and Nancy might wear the occasional dark lipstick, but that's it. So not like I learned a thing from them either!

I think my lipstick is all right, esp. since I've been buying some slightly better quality brands, but I would like to move beyond lipstick into eye stuff. Mascara is retarded, IMO, esp. since I have long lashes and don't need it, but I like eyeliner. Trouble is, I cannot for the life of me figure out how it goes on! I tried to use a pencil and it was too painful and pain-in-the-ass -- plus it looked stupid. Then I tried to use a liquid eyeliner, but it turns into a disaster. I can't get it right on the bottom and the lids... OMG, it just goes zigzag all over and then when I blink it's smeared all the hell over... so I just wiped it all off.

Now what gets me is that OTHER people can put eye makeup on me and looks good. Marja did it, Storm did, even Caleb can do it. But when I do it myself, ugh, utter disaster. Today I solved my problem by putting a ton of silver makeup on and then putting purple "wings" out over it, so there's *something* there, but I would like to know the trick.

Next month when I visit, Storm hopefully will show me some tricks. I just needs girls night out or something to learn stuff. And I will get my nails done too! I am so retarded I'm thinking maybe some kind of Intro to Makeup book or online guide could help me. I don't want to do a *lot*, but I want to know some basic tricks. Maybe by the time I'm 40 I will understand what most 15 year olds already do...