January 10th, 2005

ice cream

Thing for Breakfast

So I had about 1 1/2 cups of shredded sweet potato left over from a soup I made on Saturday. What to do with it?

Took the sweet potatoes, mixed with 1/2 cup Bisquick, between 1/2 and 3/4 cup of water, mixed up, added some raisins, and fried the thing as 3 "pancakes" in oil in a pan. After a few flips, they looked good, so I put them on a plate, slathered them with sugar, and now I'm eating them.

They're good! Possibly these are sweet potato fritters?
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There's been an extremely loud labor protest going on somewhere near here... Don't know where, however, as I can't see it from my window. Soon I'm going out to the post office and I guess I will find it... and avoid it. Not that I don't support a labor protest, but it is damn hard not to be intimidated by 10-30 pissed of men (well, usually it's men) yelling at the top of their lungs and jamming flyers at you. I'm guess it's the woodworkers union again, as they have been very active launching picket lines in several locations over the past couple of years.
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Czech It Out

So I went down to the mail distro center, way the hell down Pryor Street, past the city court, the prison, and under the highway, where a very unlovely underpass allows access to an area I assume rapidly turns into ghetto (not that I went to find out). After a long rummage around in the bowels of the building, I was given a little pile of accummulated correspondence. I seem to have received a lot of late Christmas cards. Thanks everyone!


Meanwhile I was within a couple of block of my building, sweaty and eager to get home, reading The Sun magazine, when the following "conversation" occured between me and this young black guy (who I'll call "Slick" for convenience sake:

Slick: Say, what you looking for?
Me: Nothing.
Slick: Where you from?
Me: Here.
Slick: No, you're not. I mean originally.
Me: (No response, since this same talk has occured 100 times before.)
Slick: You look like you're from Europe, maybe the Czech Republic.
Me: (No response.)
Slick: No, seriously, you look like the women in the Czech Republic.
Me: That could be... *Sigh*
Slick: And I tell you one thing...
Me: (?)
Slick: I'm goooood. (Licks lips in a rather repulsive, suggestive manner.)
(We cross the street.)
Slick: See, I spent a lot of time over there, in the Czech Republic.
Me: (?)
Slick: It's real nice there.
Me: So I've heard.
Slick: Can't get me no women like that here...
Me: Sorry, I have to go... (Slips into the building with the produce stand, safe at last.)

After buying a pineapple and a smoothie, I caught the same guy up the street a bit, looking like the wanker he is. I wonder what his other lines are, since obviously the "Czech Republic" one is kind of limited in usage.

I guess I now have to add Czech as another nationality I've been mistaken for. I'm usually singled out as German, but there's also been Dutch, Belgian, English, Swiss, Austrian, and various Scandinavian nationalities. Oh, and Russian, Polish, French too...
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Accomplishments, Goals

So what did I do in 2004:

  • Launched life as self-employed consultant
  • Created somewhere around 14 new web sites
  • Maintained too many other sites to calculate
  • Adopted 2 guinea pigs
  • Had a breast ultrasound (that wound up costing me like $700)
  • Continued neighborhood activities
  • Continued going to Outworlders writing group, book group, occasional other stuff
  • Lost 15-20 lbs (which I gained back later, ugh)
  • Edited two full novels, a novella, a portions of an RPG book
  • Read through 3 additional manuscripts, two of which I will later edit
  • Wrote 2 lengthy Wraeththu stories
  • Put out 4 editions of Inception
  • Read a couple dozen novels
  • Attended & was panelist at Lunacon in NYC
  • Visited my sister & her family in Rhinebeck, NY
  • Visited parents in Andover, MA for a few days in May
  • Visited Charleston for first time, for Spoleto
  • Vacationed in England with Caleb for 2 weeks in July
  • Started taking allergy shots
  • Helped plan, organize and run Gothic Journeys track at Dragon*Con
  • Accepted PT work at Georgia Tech working for old dept.
  • Visited Chattanooga for the first time
  • Visited parents & family for 5 days at Christmas
  • Went to Germany for 10-day vacation, first LARP ever
  • Lived to tell the tale

For 2005 I hope to...

  • Get substantial work done on my novel Tarimur
  • Write a lot more original short stories
  • Complete a Wraeththu novella, story idea I have
  • Edit the two more novels in the series I'm editing for IP
  • Create some great web sites
  • Get out of this stupid PT job I have with Ga Tech
  • Lose at least 20 lbs.
  • Drink more water
  • Learn to do some more extensive makeup
  • Travel even more, to new places (this is already arranged)
  • Work on my German
  • Keep on reading
  • Enroll in piano lessons at Georgia State

There are other things I'm missing but I think for now I should stop procrastinating and get back to work again. Metro Girl needs me!
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10 Cool Sites

Remember when people used to spend time doing Favorite Web Links all the time? (Example would be this Links From A to Z on my ancient Thift Shop web site.) Well, I'm going back to the Old Days and listing out a few web sites I find useful or cool or weird...

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Another trip!

Some advanced planning: Caleb and I just booked our tickets to Italy for this July. We'll be flying AirFrance to Milan, where we'll be visiting dadi!

And who says LJ doesn't make the world smaller, since neither of us have ever met dadi in person (though I've done email, chat, and today a webcam with her). The key is just not telling my mom this, since she'll tell me how my host could be some kind of axe-wielding necrophiliac. "You never know..." *snerk*

Also as part of the trip will be an excursion up to Germany, where I will be partipating in Feencon, a German fantasy role playing convention which is going to feature a "German Grissecon," i.e. a mini Wraeththu convention. That will be in Bad-Godesburg near Bonn and I will attend, then go back to Italy again for a few days.

Possibly I will actually learn some Italian. No doubt I'll wind up speaking it with a German or (worse) Latin accent, to the point where I should just keep my mouth shut, but at least I should learn to read a bit ;)
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To quote myself...

I was just looking at some old LJ entries of mine, and found this line that I can't believe I wrote!

I should note that my headache and depression seem gone. Those two are like bandits, always descending together and leaving suddenly.