January 12th, 2005

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Healthy Healthy Clinic

I've been going to the same health clinic since I first moved to Atlanta, and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. I hear all these horror stories from people about not being able to get an appointment with their doctor, having to wait two hours in the waiting room to be seen, doctors who dismiss problems, etc. This clinic has never been like that. When I call in, as I just did, they answer the phone and get me an appointment right away. Many times I've called in, been told to come in right away, and been able to get treatment right away. When I do go in for a scheduled appointment, there isn't ever much wait time, which is kind of amazing. The doctors also seem to listen pretty carefully to everything I say and explain things carefully. They've also been very good about giving me referrals or sending me out for tests elsewhere if they felt I needed it. All in all, great -- and it's walking distance from a train station and part of Crawford Long, which is a nice hospital.

I have an appt. set for next Wed. morning. My pretext is that I'd just like a check-up and an iron test (to see if daily ills have done anything for my anemia), but I will also ask if they have a recommendation for a dietician or diet counselor. They probably do have one, as many of the patients are older or elderly, and I would think they have lots of patients with diabetes or who are obese and need diet help. I think the practice might eveb do that in-house, since they are very much into preventive, day-to-day care. I just kind of want some professional guidance in this.

Starting today, to give doctors or a counselor something to work with, I'm trying to write down everything I eat and whatever exercise, so I can find out what I do wrong. I'm sure I'm misguided in some of the things I do.
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As I make calls

Today I've called the salon, the doctor, a client that needed my tax ID, and my financial advisor. That might not seem like a lot but to me it's torture. I can't explain why making simple phone calls bothers me so much, but it really does. Email or Internet is my preference for dispensing with a lot of things, but I would be happy to visit these places *in person* and make these requests, chat, etc. I just hate CALLING! Even when I'm trying to be efficient about it, by sitting down and mostly calling one after another, it takes me a couple hours to go through a list of easy phone calls. Fortunately I have only about 2 more calls to go, both to clients, who hopefully won't yack my ears off or request something too annoyingly like work ;)

Addendum: Well, call #1 was 13 minutes, and didn't even need to be made since my client's problem had already resolved itself. Yet the man is really nice and the sort of Southern gentlemen you can't just cut off. Call #2 was about 20 minutes, since it included my client running through a list of small changes she wants me to make to her web site. And then we bitched about that B&B client I decided not to bother pursuing; he's an acquiaintance of hers but turns out she doesn't like him either.
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QE promotes foot torture

I swear, I'd like to be one of the "Gal Pals" of the QE for the Straight Girl show, just so I can stand there saying, "Will you all CUT IT OUT and do your damn work?!" Also, I'd clobber that guy who took the blond chick to Norstrom and bought her those incredibly painful looking super high-heel shoes. Ouch!

I swear, the second worst thing about shoe shopping for me, next to 95% of store not carrying about Size 10, is the fact that I constantly grab shoes thinking they're beautiful only to find hideously impractical heels attached to them. Even if I'm going *out*, I still need to *walk*! I think eventually America's obesity problem will do away with this problem, as it's my theory the reason heels are popular is that they're OK if you're 100 lbs. but they *suck* if you actually weigh something. Ow, ow, ow, ow!

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