January 13th, 2005

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Inception Needs You!

Hi all,

The Winter edition of Inception is due out in February and with a submission deadline of Feb. 1, I have almost no submissions in. (Thanks, Angelo, for your review.) Fortunately I know everybody tends to send things in the week before, but I thought I'd send out a reminder like I always do.

Inception ( http://www.inception-magazine.com ) is a quarterly web zine that's half Storm fan zine, half straight-on zine with a focus on goth, magic, fantasy, and other things of general interest to Storm fans. So whether you've got a personal story about one of Storm's books or artwork you've done or poetry you wrote or a serious article on an esoteric topic, send it on in. The main categories for submissions are articles & essays, poetry, artwork, and reviews. The only thing Inception doesn't accept is fiction.

So please, get creative (or get looking through your files) and send the results to me at inception @ metrogirl.com (remove spaces) and/or review the submission information available at http://www.inception-magazine.com .

Wendy Darling
Inception editor

P.S. Yes, all the LARP reports will be republished in the zine.
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I was trying to find some vintage jewelry info last night and came across this piece, for sale at under $100.

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Next to tights, black sleeveless blouses, and coats, jewelry may be my main clothes vice. (I would say shoes as well, but it's too hard to find my size.) At least most of my jewelry is actually cheap ($20 or so, sometimes including matched sets).
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Oh bother...

Well, don't know if I'll be able to get my brooch appraised or not. I just called both Cartier and Tiffany to ask about vintage/estate jewelry appraisal, and the former said they don't do it at that location and the latter said they only due appraisals on Tiffany pieces. (My pieces has no marks.) I then decided to see if I could find a place that does estate jewelry and is located someplace convenient (including Buckhead, the obvious location), but so far no dice. Will check yellow pages at home. Aaagh! There are lots of jewelry shops downtown, but none of them classy enough they would have a clue about this; several of them specialize in gold teeth actually ;)
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5 lies, 10 truths

So xanath put out a challenge for people to identify 5 lies on a list of 15 personal factoids. I am fascinated.

What are the lies on MY list?

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WARNING: Some of the lies are really close to being true! But if you know me well, you can pick out the truth.
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